Not Without A Flaw: Ashley Graham Showed Imperfect Skin

Not Without A Flaw: Ashley Graham Showed Imperfect Skin
Not Without A Flaw: Ashley Graham Showed Imperfect Skin

Video: Not Without A Flaw: Ashley Graham Showed Imperfect Skin

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The model, like everyone else, suffers from bruises and acne.


Lately, Ashley, who has become an idol of girls with curvaceous forms, every now and then disappoints fans. In the summer, the star lit up the "ears" that appeared on the hips, then flashed at all with the absence of a waist, which caused a wave of criticism. Now Graham has decided to show off the picture without makeup, which she often did before, but this time she got the opposite effect.

The model posted a video on social networks in which she showed herself without a make-up. And if earlier such videos aroused delight among fans, they showered the girl with compliments for perfect skin, now they are more disappointed than happy.

Many noticed that in the photographs Graham's face looks much more well-groomed, there is not even a hint of bruises under the eyes, enlarged pores. And the video contains everything: a dark rim around the eyes, oily sheen, irregularities, even minor inflammation and pigmentation.

On the one hand, fans are glad that their favorite is not shy about her natural look and shows herself unadorned. On the other hand, they are perplexed: the perfect skin in the previous photos is the result of retouching or Ashley has grown ugly over the summer?

For the most part, followers tend to the second version. If many stars in the warm months, on the contrary, prettier, then something went wrong with Graham. Perhaps skin problems are the result of poor nutrition, which also affected the waist.

However, Graham is not the only star who ate a barrel during the bathing season. See our gallery for more details.

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