9 Famous Women Aged 40+ Who Never Went Under A Scalpel

9 Famous Women Aged 40+ Who Never Went Under A Scalpel
9 Famous Women Aged 40+ Who Never Went Under A Scalpel

Video: 9 Famous Women Aged 40+ Who Never Went Under A Scalpel

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Not everyone is able to accept their age with gratitude and respect. And getting old in public, when your face regularly flickers on the screen, is even worse. I would like to grab the outgoing youth by the tail and remain as fresh as if you are 20. Well, or at least 30. Well, okay, 35. For most stars, the question “to grow old or not” is not even worth it. Many are trying to regain their former beauty in the surgery. It turns out in different ways. But there are those who are proud of each of their wrinkles and make a choice in favor of natural and gentle aging, considering it foolish to resist nature and turn into silicone monsters. Look at these beauties!


1. Cate Blanchett

“I haven’t done anything like this yet, but who knows. Andrew said he would divorce me if I did anything to myself. But I am an actress, and I need to keep my good appearance as long as possible,”the actress admitted in an interview.

2. Marion Cotillard

In 2017, the French actress posted a photo on Instagram, in which it was noticeable that she had increased her lips. But that turned out to be just the irony needed to make the film she was working on. The 44-year-old actress did not perform any corrective operations for her age.

3. Julia Roberts

The actress has one of the most fundamental points of view regarding aging, which she expressed in an interview: "Your face should tell about you, and not about your visits to the doctor." Julia Roberts will stay old for longer with proper nutrition, self-care and exercise.

4. Diane Keaton

Woody Allen's favorite actress has never had plastic surgery. The only thing she allows herself is overhead strands to give her hair more volume. According to her, she might want to do something with her face, but when you are too old and do a facelift, then you are not limited to her alone, and as a result, a completely new face comes out.

5. Monica Bellucci

Monica made a choice in favor of natural aging, this can be seen from the age-related changes in her face. About this, she said in one interview the following: “To be beautiful at 20 is natural. But when you are beautiful at 35 and 45 - this is already a life position"

6. Rachel Weisz

The English actress believes that the main thing is to take care of yourself. And you need to start doing this as early as possible. Rachel Weisz did not resort to beauty injections, because she believes that this violates facial expressions, which is unacceptable for an actor.

7. Kate Winslet

The actress is so opposed to artificial rejuvenation that she created the British League Against Plastic Surgery. She philosophically notes that wrinkles are something that comes with age, and there is no getting away from it.

8. Christy Turlington

The American top model calls aging a natural process and would not want to turn back the clock. She is not obsessed with beauty, she just wants to be healthy and says that perhaps the time will come when a person will be considered an eccentric just because the only one has not done plastic surgery. But she's ready to be such an eccentric.

9. Judy Dench

The only artificial intervention the 81-year-old movie star has done is a Carpe Diem tattoo on her wrist. He is proud of his every wrinkle and is not going to get rid of them.

Are you in favor of natural aging? Or a couple of “beauty shots” won't hurt?

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