Eye Drops, Hyaluronic Jelly And 6 More Secrets Of Asian Women Who Look At 40 At 20

Eye Drops, Hyaluronic Jelly And 6 More Secrets Of Asian Women Who Look At 40 At 20
Eye Drops, Hyaluronic Jelly And 6 More Secrets Of Asian Women Who Look At 40 At 20

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Eye drops

Liu Wen, 30

Chinese supermodel Liu Wen said in an interview that she often has to travel to different countries, and there are always eye drops in her cosmetic bag to quickly remove redness at any time and make her look clear and fresh.

Asian beauties use eye drops for fatigue with taurine, and for dryness - with vitamins. These products help prevent dry eye syndrome and reduce eyelid puffiness.

Nutritional supplements

Zhang Zilin, 34 years old

Miss World 2007 Zhang Zilin admitted that her secret is the use of liquid collagen - a protein of youth, it provides strength and elasticity of the skin.

Asian girls cannot imagine a day without vitamins for fatigue or vitamins for thick hair. For them, taking healthy nutritional supplements is considered the same norm as following a drinking regimen. So on the supplement market, you can find ceramide vitamins, shark oil, oyster extract, collagen soda, whitening lozenges, raspberry-flavored hyaluronic jelly, and many other fancy options.

Morning workouts

Lucy Liu, 49

Actress Lucy Liu (49 years old and a young mother) walks her dog at six in the morning. Then the woman goes to the gym for an hour of SoulCycle workout - this is a fast ride on a stationary bike with the addition of work on the upper body with the help of additional weights. According to the actress, such a workout helps her wake up and recharge her energy for the whole day.

Modern Asian women take care of their body no less than the condition of their skin. Therefore, they start the morning with light gymnastics or walking, some prefer active training on a stationary bike at home or in the gym.

And here are some more important rules!

SPF creams

Maggie Chun, 53

In the first place for Asian women is the preservation of the whiteness of the skin of the face, not youth. No Korean or Japanese woman ever leaves home without sunscreen. Almost all cosmetic lines produce whitening creams and creams for age spots.


Michelle Kwan, 37

This Asian beauty product is used to relieve swelling, anti-wrinkle, dark circles under the eyes, and to lose weight. There are also detox patches for removing toxins: they need to be glued to the feet at night. And in the morning you will feel better.

Beauty gadgets

Zhang Ziyi, 39 years old

Many modern devices - massagers for the face and the area around the eyes, peeling and washing brushes - are replacing Asian girls with a trip to a beauty salon. Especially popular are baths (saunas) for steaming pores, a peeling machine and a beauty gadget for lip augmentation. There are also combs to stimulate hair growth, a straightener with keratin and diamond dusting, a curling brush for shine and machines for creating curls of different sizes.

You can buy beauty products in Koreabutik and Hit Purchase online stores. Here are electric facial brushes as well as various straighteners.

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Thermal water

Fan Bingbing, 36 years old

The fear of Asian women is skin dehydration. Therefore, they drink a lot of water and green tea, actively moisturize the skin of the face, and also always carry with them a spray with thermal water, which they regularly use.


Oh Yeon-seo, 30 years old

Asian women can have face masks five times a day.In the morning - toning and whitening, in the afternoon - an express mask for moisturizing, in the evening - with a lifting effect and with snail mucin. Moreover, masks can be of all kinds of textures: jelly, cream, gel, slices, disposable and reusable.

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