How To Do Gray Makeup

How To Do Gray Makeup
How To Do Gray Makeup

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Pantone yellow and how to use it in make-up - we have already learned this. But our readers did not calm down: how about gray, gray?


In order not to accidentally reflect the sorrow of the whole world on your face with a couple of gray strokes, you need to learn a few simple tricks and stock up on high-quality cream pigment. The Krygina Studio makeup artist Polina Vazhenina @polinavazhenina tells about how to effectively use gray in makeup:

“Today, there are no rules in makeup: you no longer need to reject shades, trying to determine your color type, or sadly stroking jars of glitter in anticipation of themed parties. Despite such a celebration of creativity, there were and still are the foundations of the basics that are worth reckoning with if you want to tame whimsical colors - for example, gray.

Gray shades are insidious and can make your face look tired. Perfectly even tone and fresh blush will help to avoid undesirable effect. And do not forget to carefully work out the area around the eyes with concealer.

Finding your perfect gray in ready-made palettes is not easy the first time. Choose rich and long-lasting pigments - the rest will quickly paint rather believable bruises on the face. Use creamy products, or better yet, mix them to achieve the right shade. We recommend mixing Concrete Black and White until you get that perfect gray.

Cream pigment Concrete Black, Krygina Cosmetics

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Cream pigment Concrete White, Krygina Cosmetics

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You can firmly fix the resulting pigment with transparent powder, and to diversify the makeup, apply a shining loose pigment or glitter on top - all shades of silver look expectedly cool with gray.

Multifunctional glitter Sparkles Quicksilver, Krygina Cosmetics

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Multifunctional pigment Metallized, Krygina Cosmetics

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To make gray smoky eyes, a backing shade is needed. By itself, gray does not blend into the skin - you get a dirty stain, and no drama for you. Use a cool beige brown or dusty pink. Apply and blend over the crease of the upper eyelid, then add gray as the main one.

Gray needs support, namely, a well-developed black lash line and the same thick black eyelashes. Do not spare the mascara!

In contrast to gray, any bright color looks almost neon."

Stars don't ignore this shade either.

Actress Jodie Comer uses shimmery gray shadows:

Kim Kardashian and her beautiful sculptural


eyes in several shades of gray:

Dua Lipa:

Weightless gray before her eyes makes Bella Hadid a little elf:

Rooney Mara and light gray smoky:

Photo: Flacon Magazine archive.


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