What Gives Out An Unkempt Woman

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What Gives Out An Unkempt Woman
What Gives Out An Unkempt Woman

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For decades, they have been arguing about female beauty, but it is clear that in the eyes of everyone, a beautiful woman looks different. So, the canons of beauty are changing, but it is difficult to disagree with the fact that some details spoil even the most beautiful woman.


Rambler figured out what makes an ugly woman out of an absolute beauty.

Unpleasant "flavors"

Any enchantment will eliminate bad breath or body odor. A woman who smells unpleasant is unlikely to arouse admiration or sympathy.

What's on your head

One of the main "signals" of neglect is an unwashed, "fat" head. So, a woman's hair always attracts too much attention to allow herself to ignore her cleanliness.

It's about the nails

Men on the Web say that they can't help but notice women's hands, and looking at their hands, of course, it's hard not to notice a shabby manicure or bitten nails. It is not necessary to paint your nails red or grow them, but a truly well-groomed woman will always monitor the condition of her hands.

Thorns of discord

The need for hair removal has been very loudly debated in recent years, but in Russia, too much attention is still paid to smooth legs. So, on the Web they write that even not the slender legs become many times more attractive if they are ideally epilated.

Dental issue

Dental health should be carefully monitored not only to dazzle everyone with a smile. By starting tooth decay, you can get yourself in serious trouble. At the same time, many literally look into the mouth of women, and of course healthy white teeth make a woman even more attractive.

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