What The Shape Of The Eyebrows Can Tell About The Character (almost Everything)

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What The Shape Of The Eyebrows Can Tell About The Character (almost Everything)
What The Shape Of The Eyebrows Can Tell About The Character (almost Everything)

Video: What The Shape Of The Eyebrows Can Tell About The Character (almost Everything)

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Video: What Your Eyebrow Shape Can Say About Your Personality 2023, January

If you look closely at the natural shape of your eyebrows, you can learn a lot about yourself. And it's not even about character traits. Eyebrows can tell you how you are building a career, how you communicate with friends, and what you think about close relationships!


Straight eyebrows

Kelly Osbourne

Character trait: decisiveness and dedication.

Usually ladies with straight eyebrows move up the career ladder easily. Nothing is impossible for them. In doing so, they manage to find a balance between work and personal relationships. They choose a man they really love as a partner. And they build a happy family life with him.

Eyebrow arch

Olivia Wilde

Character trait: responsiveness, empathy.

Arched eyebrows (as in the photo) are characteristic of excellent women. The owners of the correct arcuate eyebrows strive to keep up everywhere. And they do it very well.

In the field of love, women with arched eyebrows are used to giving more than taking. They are happy to give love, care and tenderness, without demanding anything in return. If your partner appreciates this, your personal life will work out in the best possible way. And if not, the couple will quietly and peacefully disperse.

Broken eyebrows

Chrissy Teigen

Character trait: constant search for inspiration, passion.

Broken eyebrows - those that have a clear angle, which seems to "break" them into two parts. This is one of the classic options to go with any face shape.

Broken eyebrows are a sign of a stormy, implacable nature. Such women are like flames: they are bright, emotional and very lively. They build relationships with men that don't let them get bored. They are successful in their careers, because they prefer to finish all the things they have started.

House sidelines

Demi Lovato

Character trait: lightness, naivety.

House eyebrows indicate that you are a sensual, gentle and quivering nature. At the same time, you do not shy away from communication, have a great sense of humor and get along well with people. A cheerful disposition and ability to communicate naturally make you the life of the company.

In personal relationships, you seek warmth, dedication, and care. You will not be able to be around a person who does not value your personal qualities. Put the spiritual first, not the material. At the same time, you usually do not need money.

Rising eyebrows

Jennifer Lopez

Character trait: independence, self-confidence.

Rising eyebrows are considered ideal. They make the look open and the face more youthful.

Rising eyebrows are characteristic of natures who know exactly what they want from life. They are not distracted by trifles, but go to their goal. Women with raised eyebrows are proud, independent and confident. They know what kind of man they want to see next to them, so they will not enter into insignificant relationships.

Others may confuse the confidence of such women with arrogance and pride. But this is not the case. Ladies with rising eyebrows just know they deserve the best. And, as a rule, they get it.

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