Why Are Almost All Girls Whores?

Why Are Almost All Girls Whores?
Why Are Almost All Girls Whores?

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup revealed what has long been a fact in modern life. Half of the girls around you are veiled whores, kept women and immoral girls. Our modern girls have grown up as ordinary whores looking for daddies or foreigners. Modern youth have different idols, goals, plans for life and moral principles. We were also rebels in our time, but what is happening now is similar to Sodom and Gomorrah. Now is the time for the corrupt whores.


The World Cup revealed what has long become a fact in modern life. Approximately 50% of modern Russian girls are corrupt. Television, the Internet, and magazines teach them how to sell more expensive, and they've learned it well. Whores have filled Instagram, YouTube, TV, and various social media platforms. With pumped lips and boobs, girls teach ordinary girls how to behave, what to do, how to hook men, how to give and how to put a price tag. Whores in the media space teach girls to be approachable and corrupt girls.

Escort girls used to hide, but now they are easy to see on Instagram. They travel a lot, posing half-naked and throwing "philosophical" quotes. They are often called "nude philosophers" when a girl in lace panties flaunts next to a Nietzsche quote. Escort girls are always in the photo alone or with their girlfriends. Photos of daddies who paid for entertainment remain off-screen.

The modern generation, who grew up on "Dom-2" and other such filth, cannot be healthy. Modern idols of youth Olga Buzova, Diana Shurygina and other similar characters?

All girls want to be famous at any cost. Suffice it to recall the story "at the bottom". Girls want to become rich by marrying a rich daddy or a foreigner. A rich grandfather is better than an ordinary peer, and a foreigner is 1000 times better than him.

Girls adore men with money and especially foreigners. Modern girls spread their legs only after hearing a foreign speech. Girls catch a ghostly chance to get married or be a mistress, to earn money along the way. The words honor, decency and shame have become atavisms. Girls are ridiculed by working teachers, doctors and other poorly paid professionals. A little earlier, they began to make fun of girls who keep their virginity, but what did this lead to? Now the girl is ashamed to work honestly and receive little, but she is not ashamed to sell herself to everyone who has money.

During the football championship, Russian girls finally lost their face. Corruptness and slanderousness have creeped out too far. There are too many black sheep who disgraced themselves, Russian women and the country.

Modern girls behave like whores with the rich and foreigners, and with ordinary men they behave like chaste princesses. We need to do something with society until we finally become cattle. First you need to remove whores from the media space and find worthy idols. In the meantime, we are reaping the benefits and looking at the modern generation of whores.

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