Clay Journey: 15 Best Clay Masks

Clay Journey: 15 Best Clay Masks
Clay Journey: 15 Best Clay Masks

Video: Clay Journey: 15 Best Clay Masks

Video: Clay Journey: 15 Best Clay Masks
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BeautyHack editors and special correspondents talk about wonderful clay-based masks that do not dry the skin, but matte and refresh the face.


Mask Ultra Clear Purifying Mask, Ultraceuticals

Tested by the chief editor of BeautyHack Karina Andreeva:

Despite the fact that the mask is intended for oily and problem skin, without much difficulty it cleared my normal, but prone to dryness (the expected peeling did not appear afterwards!). In ten minutes, the mask, like a magnet, draws out the dirt from the pores (it got rid of blackheads especially well thanks to the salicylic acid in the composition).

Surprisingly, the product does not dehydrate the skin, after which it looks even more hydrated. I think the point is in the right mix of components: in addition to clay, the mask contains vitamins (niacyamide, provitamins C and E), BHA and antioxidants, extracts of clove, sandalwood and eucalyptus oil. I will use it 1-2 times a month!

Price: 5 500 rub.

Dermaclear Trans-Foam Clay Trio, Dr. Jart +

Tested by BeautyHack Creative Director Ksenia Wagner:

The Dr.jart + set contains three masks based on clay - but all of them are multidirectional. Rather, each, in addition to cleansing, has a "bonus" function. The hydration was my bonus. Not a mask is squeezed out of a compact tube, but a real cake cream - something soft, airy, pink and very appetizing. This dessert lays down quite tightly, but there is no strong tightness. And most importantly, after three minutes you can wash off (great if you want to freshen up before work).

And here the fun begins. Warm water turns the mask into a thick foam, which is not so easy to wash off - but the sensations from this are only pleasant. Such an express spa, foamy five-minute in the hustle and bustle. When, finally, everything is washed away, in the mirror you see a face, like that of a Serov girl with peaches - a blush, smoothness, juice and freshness. And no dryness: before the procedure, I had a slight peeling on my cheeks, and from the "tough" formula it would definitely have intensified, but after Dr.jart +, on the contrary, it would have subsided. Five points!

Price: 3980 rub.

Brightening mask-foam with clay Micro Clay White Pack & Foam Cleanser Brightening, Vprove

Tested by BeautyHack editor Julia Kozoliy:

The Korean brand Vprove has a series of products with different types of clay: white, black and pink. If you want to cleanse the pores, choose black clay, remove redness - pink, remove oily shine - white. These masks work perfectly on oily skin. I have combined, and fat content appears only in the T-zone more often in the morning. Therefore, I usually only use clay masks for this area.

But this particular remedy turned out to be very delicate for my skin. The main component of the mask is kaolin or white clay. Her task: not only to mattify the skin, but also to lighten it (age spots are my eternal companions). Therefore, I boldly apply the mask all over my face once every two weeks, simultaneously doing a massage for two to three minutes, while the components of the product (and in addition to kaolin, it contains moisturizing extracts of ginseng and rose) do their job. After three applications, I noticed the effect - the tone became a little lighter and the irregularities were gone.

Price: 1640 rub.

Clearing Facial Mask Clearing Supermud Treatment, Glamglow

Tested by BeautyHack editor Natalia Kapitsa:

This is my first acquaintance with the Glamglow brand, whose products are famous for their super-effect. And, most likely, not the last. A mask based on white clay, silicon and caustic soda perfectly cleanses the pores, leaving no excess sebum, makeup residues and other impurities a chance. An additional bonus is a complex of 6 types of acids: salicylic - dries out rashes and has an antibacterial effect, azelaic, pyruvic, almond, glycolic, lactic - remove the stratum corneum and have a slight peeling effect. After application, the mask tingles slightly and tightens the skin a little - for products with clay in the composition, this is normal! You need to keep it for 5 to 20 minutes. My maximum is 15.

And now there are several personal beauty hacks on using the mask: every 5 minutes after application, I spray my face with thermal water - it relieves the feeling of tightness. The tool copes well with rashes - I apply it pointwise at night and in the morning I wake up with a barely noticeable spot, I use it only on the T-zone and the next day I forget what an oily sheen is.

Price: 3399 rub.

4 in1 Kit Zone System Mask, Double Dare OMG!

Tested by BeautyHack editor Natalia Kapitsa:

“To act on all fronts,” OMG experts decided! and created a four-part mask consisting of separate T- and U-zone treatments, 24K gold patches and a moisturizer. The main components of the composition for the T-zone -

black clay and activated carbon to cleanse the pores. The mask for the U-zone (it is pale pink) contains kaolin, which saturates the skin with vitamins and evens out the complexion. The patches provide nutrition and hydration to the sensitive periorbital area. These three ingredients are applied simultaneously. The final stage is a cream finish with a moisturizing complex. The mask helped me out a lot before an important meeting: only 15 minutes, and the effect was like after an hour with a beautician.

Price: 689 rub.

Cleansing mask with extract of fireweed SOS Pure, Clarins

Tested by BeautyHack editor Anastasia Speranskaya:

On the advice of a beautician, I use clay masks exclusively for the T-zone. But for owners of oily skin, I advise you to boldly turn into Shrek completely and apply it all over your face. Except for the area around the eyes, of course.

A mixture of white and green clay unclogs pores and visibly tightens them - in just ten minutes, the skin prone to shine becomes more matte, but without the feeling of tightness. By the way, if you want to feel the wow effect, try applying the mask while taking a bath - the steam will open the pores and the mask will be absorbed better. The second main component after clay is the extract of fireweed. This is ordinary willow tea, which works great on problem skin, is often used to create anti-inflammatory masks and removes impurities.

Price: 3500 rub.

Detox mask Instant Detox Mask, Caudalie

Tested by BeautyHack editor Anastasia Speranskaya:

This mask seems to be specially created for residents of a big city! She is able to bring back to life even the most dull and "tired" skin. It also helps her get rid of impurities and accumulated toxins. It is a pleasure to apply, the texture of a delicate salmon color is well distributed and dries in 10 minutes. I immediately wash it off with water and enjoy smooth and clean skin, as if I live in the Alps, and there is no dust and smog around. The composition is also pleasing: in addition to pink clay and real coffee (so that the face "invigorates" in the morning), there are papaya enzymes and grape extract, which is classic for Caudalie.

Price: 1900 rub.

Pore Purifying Mineral Mask, Vichy

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Anastasia Lyagushkina:

The manufacturer recommends using this mask 1-2 times a week. I am limited to one time. In winter, my skin becomes dry, so I experiment with clay masks very carefully. Surprisingly, this product does not dry the skin at all. In texture and smell, the mask resembles clay, but has a less dense consistency. I apply it for 10 minutes and then gently remove it with a cotton pad.

In addition to two types of white clay (kaolin and bentonite), the composition contains allantoin, aloe vera and thermal water. They give an excellent softening effect.

Price: 1449 rub.

Purifying mask Active cleanliness, [comfort zone]

Tested by the editorial assistant at BeautyHack Daria Mironova:

I recommend this remedy to owners of oily skin and those who are going to rest in a hot, humid climate - it will not dry out the skin, but it will relieve it of shine.

The product has a small volume of 60 ml, but very economical consumption. The mask should be applied in a thin layer for 10 minutes and washed off with warm water. The texture of the product is creamy, light blue in color, there are tiny particles. During washing, they additionally scrub the skin. I like that after use, the tone becomes even, and the face does not shine during the day.

Price on request

Deep Cleansing Facial Mask, Lundenilona

Tested by the editorial assistant at BeautyHack Daria Mironova:

This mask has a very delicate creamy texture - unusual for a clay based product. But besides white clay, there are several oils in the composition: macadamia, shea, moringa, - vitamin E, peppermint, beeswax. After use, the skin looks hydrated, the pores are less visible and the relief is smoother. I boldly apply the mask in the morning several times a week, especially before important events. Perfectly prepares the skin for makeup!

Price: 1850 rub.

Facial mask restoring Basic Series Beauty Pack, Cefine

Tested by BeautyHack editor Daria Sizova:

I confess that I am practically indifferent to face masks. But this one, as in the song, is “the best thing that happened to me”. It has a thick consistency that hardens quickly enough, so it needs to be quickly spread over the face.

The product is based on honey and white clay. Together they even out the complexion, smooth and tighten the skin. The result is a natural velvet effect! The mask also soothes redness - it contains algae and green tea extract.

Mom and I have been sharing this mask in two for two weeks now. She has a pronounced pigmentation, which the Basic Series Beauty Pack, of course, does not cope with 100%. But she evens out the skin tone, and also my mother assures that the product smoothes fine wrinkles! Apply in the morning twice a week for 10-15 minutes.

Price: about 7000 rubles.

Mask Black Mud Mask, I'm Sorry For My Skin

Tested by BeautyHack smm manager Elizaveta Plenkina:

Did you know that Korean brand I’m Sorry For My Skin was the first to come up with cloth-based kaolin masks that you don't need to wash after using? The result is a true home spa.

First wash your face, then apply the cream around the eyes and lips (to protect these delicate areas). The mask itself consists of two parts: the first is for the forehead and upper part of the face, the second is for the lower one.

Black Mud Mask adheres very tightly to the skin, so you can go about your business at the same time. After 30 minutes, when the clay is completely dry, it literally "sticks" to the skin. Then you can remove the product. The result is radiant and matte skin! This is how the main components work: black clay and volcanic ash (cleanse the pores) and plant extracts (exfoliate dead particles and normalize the work of the sebaceous glands).

Price: 665 rubles

Detox mask for the face Face Mask Instant Detox, Bobbi Brown

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova:

The Bobbi Brown brand has just three face masks: detox, nourishing and radiance. It turns out that you can use all the tools alternately, solving different problems. I started my acquaintance with the line with a detox mask. She had to deeply cleanse the skin without drying it out. For this, the composition contains Hawaiian seawater and white Amazonian clay. Externally, the product is gray in color, but more watery and slippery than a regular mud mask. Dries on the face in 3-4 minutes. I have sensitive skin, which is prone to dryness, so I apply it in a thin layer and leave it on my face for 10 minutes (although usually after such masks, the face is strongly tightened after 4 minutes).

And after that - not only total purity, but the feeling as if a protective layer was applied to the skin. It is soft, smooth, not dry. I would classify this mask as an express remedy - it works great when you need to urgently put your skin in order.

Price: 3600 rub.

Mask Cream Mask with Green Clay and Pineapple, St. Barth

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova:

The basis of the product is green clay, but its texture is delicate, creamy. I liked that the mask is comfortable to apply, there is no feeling of tightness, I want to walk with it longer. As a result, the skin is so hydrated that you don't need to apply the cream right away.

The effect of healthy skin and an even tone promised in the release is true! Redness after using it became barely noticeable. Pineapple extract works in tandem with green clay to saturate the skin with antioxidants. I just started testing the mask, but now I understand that with regular use you can achieve excellent results!

Price: 7280 rub.

Intensive cleansing mask Deep Cleansing Mask, Artistry

Tested by editorial assistant Anna Khobotova

By the end of winter, my skin is emaciated. The pores are clogged, inflammation and irritation periodically appear on the face. In addition to targeted professional help from a cosmetologist, home masks also help. By the way, the tool from Artistry is among the favorites this year. I am always suspicious of chain brand cosmetics (and Artistry belongs to Amway), but in this case I advise you to take a closer look. The first Artistry tools were developed by a married couple in the 60s. Karl and Edith Rehnborg created Nutrilite, which was bought by Amway in the 70s. Now the brand is represented by a complete series of care products and a decorative line.

Initially, I liked the mask for its minimalistic, strict design. It has a very dense texture, but not sticky, it is comfortable to apply. It contains mineral salts of zinc and copper and white clay. This mix controls sebum production and visually refreshes the face. I leave the mask on for 5 minutes, there is a feeling of tightness, therefore, without testing the skin for strength, I wash it off immediately. The pores are cleared and the complexion is brighter. If you have severe rashes, consult your doctor about a similar mask, but it saves me from minor inflammations!

Plus - a slight cooling effect seems to soothe the skin.

Price: RUB 2185

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