Editorial Test: Top Best Night Face Masks

Editorial Test: Top Best Night Face Masks
Editorial Test: Top Best Night Face Masks

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To wake up refreshed and rested in the morning (even if you've slept for a couple of hours), add just one product to your beauty cabinet - a night face mask. It will moisturize, restore and add radiance. We'll tell you which masks you will get a wow-effect with in the morning, and which ones will not live up to expectations.


Elena Bekish, Online Marketing Director

Kiehl's night mask for firmness and smoothness of the skin, 2200 rub.

The Kiehl’s mask replaced my night cream (I apply it five times a week, as stated in the instructions). The light pink cream is very quickly absorbed, even if you take a lot of products. Bonus: this mask replaces the sweet for the night! Because it smells very strongly of gingerbread. And in the morning the skin is velvety and dense.

Anna Baloyan, editor of the "Lifestyle" department

Kiehl's night mask for protection from aggressive environmental factors, 3300 rub.

A very good moisturizing mask - in the morning the skin looks really rested, and the complexion is more even. But I did not see the declared protection from environmental factors, as well as the narrowing of pores and other fabulous transformations. So for those who want to buy a mask for these purposes, I cannot recommend it.

Christina Manucharyan, news editor

Uriage night moisturizing mask for dehydrated skin, 1200 rub.

I recommend this mask to owners of dry and dehydrated skin. The mask itself left a very pleasant impression - the skin is soft, velvety, smooth, well hydrated. The complexion is even and beautiful. Another nice bonus: in the process of applying on the face, you feel cool and fresh. The mask itself has an ultra-light jelly-like texture of pale blue color and a pleasant fresh delicate aroma.

Alina Grigalashvili, fashion editor

Mineral soothing mask with vitamin B3, Vichy, 1449 rub.

I fell in love with my jar of Vichy from the first use. Firstly, it looks very stylish, and secondly, a slightly jelly coffee-colored consistency smells very nice, and when you apply it, the skin gets chilly. Every day before going to bed, you apply it in a thin layer, and in the morning you wake up with perfectly even, soft and fresh skin. Once a week it should be used as a mask, but I honestly forget about that. Now this is one of my favorite products, but I take a break at least a couple of times a week so that my skin does not get too used to it.

Alexandra Osipova, editorial assistant

Cream-mask for the face "Deep hydration and nutrition", Night, Natura Siberica, 1540 rubles.

Facial creams and masks are essential skin care products in my cosmetic bag, as dryness accompanies me all year round, even in warm weather. Especially the skin needs hydration after a shower. Sometimes there is just not enough cream, so the night cream mask was perfect for me, since the skin manages to dry out overnight even after a layer of cream. The mask is very nourishing and super moisturizing, it can be left on, but by the morning it is not completely absorbed by me, so I remove the remnants. After it, you don't even need to moisturize the skin during the day - it is so intense. I use it almost every day, the mask has a very pleasant, not pungent odor and dense texture. The only negative is that it can be accidentally smeared on the pillow.

Victoria Tanes, gossip editor

Night mask for intensive skin regeneration NovAge, Oriflame, 799 rub.

I didn't like the Oriflame mask. After that, I did not see any effect. In addition, a sticky unpleasant layer remains in the morning, which is also difficult to wash off. So there is no declared recovery and radiance.

Oksana Kravchuk, editor-in-chief

Mask Hydra Beauty Masque De Nuit Au Camelia, Chanel, 5735 rub.

The Chanel mask from the Hydra Beauty series (as, indeed, all the products of this line, in which I especially love the mist for the skin) is a real find. This is not a usual mask, but a very light, almost weightless cream (with an amazing camellia scent). Apply it in a thin layer at night instead of cream.You won't stain your pillows, because it absorbs very quickly. And in the morning you do not need to wash off, and the skin is smooth and glowing.

Marina Kharlamova, editor of the "Beauty" department

Night mask of dreams Belle De Jour, KenzoKi, 4970 rub.

All KenzoKi products smell just divine. I really don't know what other epithet to use for these fragrances. The brand has several lines, Belle de jour (translated from French as "day beauty", just like the legendary film with Catherine Deneuve) is an anti-aging care. I can't say that this soufflé night mask (you really want to eat it) has a tangible wow effect, but the skin becomes fresher the next morning. However, for this scent, I would be ready to forgive them and the complete lack of effect.

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