How To Achieve Perfect Smoothness Of Hair

How To Achieve Perfect Smoothness Of Hair
How To Achieve Perfect Smoothness Of Hair
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All women are divided into two categories: those who curl their hair and those who straighten them. Because every lady has a desire for change and a change in appearance.

Owners of straight hair curl their hair with tongs, and curly beauties often dream of getting rid of annoying curls. But all the latest styling products have a detrimental effect on hair structure. A woman can change, but without harm to her health. Therefore, let's put the hair dryers and irons away and remember the folk methods of hair straightening.

Straightening your hair is a little more difficult than curling. But our grandmothers also knew the secrets of the harmless straightening of curls. Components for masks can be found in any housewife.

Therefore, with the help of folk methods, you will make your hair smooth not only with benefit, but also with a minimum of cost. The simplest remedy for hair straightening is oil masks.

Olive is the best choice: it weighs down the hair and makes it manageable. The oil should be distributed over the entire length of the hair and tied with a towel on the head. Hold the mask for an hour and wash off with any mild shampoo. The effect is amazing! If desired, you can replace olive oil with burdock. Colorless henna also helps - it is a good remedy for smoothing curls. The mask is applied for half an hour, then washed off. Henna strengthens the hair and changes its structure harmlessly.

To shine already smoothed hair, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the rinse water.

All these masks will help you achieve smoothness, elasticity and shine in your hair. Be unique! Previously, it was said that cold water can be hazardous to human health.

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