40 Hilarious Examples Of Horrible Makeup

40 Hilarious Examples Of Horrible Makeup
40 Hilarious Examples Of Horrible Makeup

Video: 40 Hilarious Examples Of Horrible Makeup

Video: 40 Hilarious Examples Of Horrible Makeup
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The Bad MakeUp Artists community on Reddit is dedicated to the unsuccessful work of bad makeup artists and avid makeup lovers - yes, those who put so many layers of tonal on their face that they are not afraid of the Siberian cold. This collection contains 40 of the most striking examples, and we can only hope that her characters were just kidding or at least thought better of them before leaving the house.


Well, there is no way without it

Her face is 8 tones darker than her hands (and her eyebrows were sponsored by Nike)

Check out the difference in skin tone

Medal of this lady

There is something to discuss here

When I put on a clean shirt for a Zoom meeting, but left my pajama pants

Geisha smoker vs geisha healthy person

Take a closer look at the skin tone on your hands

Makeup magic

And poor mom will wash this collar afterwards

Mexican politician

Make-up artists of the series "Law & Order" have chosen the perfect shade of foundation

You might think this is Trump's group cosplay

When I went to the worst makeup artist in town

You thought the horror was higher? Ha

Seriously: HA!

An earthy complexion is in vogue now

Is your makeup supposed to look like you were sunbathing with glasses?

Mummy-4: already in theaters

This is, apparently, a payment to Charon for transportation through the Styx.

The longer you look, the worse your makeup gets.

Extras "The Walking Dead", not otherwise

Lips the color of meat in the sun

"Delicate and sophisticated glamor": okay?

When did I randomly generate a Sims character?

When I was afraid that self-tanning would get in my eyes


Even the stars are sometimes unlucky with makeup artists.

You look at such a bow and the pressure goes off scale

"Blush up to heaven"

And this, by the way, is a participant in the makeup artist competition on Netflix

Marfusha, is it you?

Wedding glamor

Apparently, the make-up artists chose the shade of the foundation to match the hair color.

“I tried to portray a Disney villain. I am ashamed"

Caterpillar eyebrows and a fabulous hairline

It seems she was painted by a clown


Glitter Woman

Face and neck are finally the same shade, but confused

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