The Most Unfortunate Examples Of Improving Appearance

The Most Unfortunate Examples Of Improving Appearance
The Most Unfortunate Examples Of Improving Appearance

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The face at 20 is given by nature, and how you look at 60 is entirely up to you. From what lifestyle you lead, what you eat and drink, what you breathe, how you deal with stress and, of course, how you take care of yourself.


And although today a person's appearance has become one of the main signs of his success in society, with caring for her the most important thing is not to overdo it. Alas, in recent years there have been many examples of the opposite.

Doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist Ph.D. Irina Aksinenko recalls one of Oscar Wilde's aphorisms: “Much depends on the hand of an artist. The main thing is that he does not make others notice. " It is this approach in cosmetology and plastic surgery that is in trend today. But doctors urge you to start taking care of yourself not when the problems have already begun, but somewhat in advance. That is, to engage in the very prevention, which is also in trend today.

It should be borne in mind that the aging process in the skin begins after 25 years. Its moisture content decreases, the amount of collagen and hylauronic acid decreases. These processes are inevitable, so the skin needs to be helped. Nourish it both from the inside (by eating right and additionally taking vitamins and collagen) and from the outside. Fortunately, today a lot of procedures have been invented that give the skin a fresh look, provide tightening and elasticity.

Among them, doctors distinguish between injection techniques (fillers, botulinum toxins, calcium hydroxyapatite preparations, xeomin, etc.), and hardware techniques (alterotherapy) that help fight flabbiness.

“These methods stimulate collagenogenesis, the production of hyaluronic acid, in a word, make the skin naturally taut. But the doctor should select them, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. And these procedures should be carried out in clinics,”says Dr. Aksinenko.

But doctors warn that in recent years, the Russian market has become attractive to suppliers of "leftist" injections, who inject everyone right at home.

Our main supplier of clandestine botox is China. As the honorary lawyer of Russia, the leader of the movement "For the Rights of Women of Russia" Lyudmila Aivar, says, these drugs literally disfigure the face - and this cannot be corrected. People then spend a lot of money on operations, but the result is deplorable.

“This market is developed in our country, it is unaccounted for and is not punishable,” says Lyudmila Aivar. And he gives an example of how one lady injected with such drugs at home - the lady, meanwhile, does not even have a secondary medical education. 18 women were injured, a criminal case was opened.

But today a lot of magical cosmetics have appeared, even cosmetics that penetrate the skin (for another ten years, every specialist would say that this is nonsense). But now creams that can act in the deep layers of the epidermis do exist.

So, well-chosen cosmetics and non-surgical techniques allow you to look good for a long time without surgical interventions, and often avoid them altogether. Even plastic surgeons today have reoriented themselves slightly and injections have become as much a part of their work as improving their appearance with a scalpel.

“Now, in many cases, you can do without plastic surgery. Injection techniques even make it possible to change the shape of the nose or make the cheekbones higher without using a scalpel ",

- says Aksinenko.

“We do not seek to immediately put on the operating table and use“heavy artillery”. First, we look at what can be done with gentle methods”,

- confirms the plastic surgeon Levon Chekhonyan.

Doctors say that if even ten years ago patients came to them with a photo of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt and formulated their task as “I want to be like this”, now everything has changed.Most often, they bring their own photograph from ten years ago and ask them to return themselves to them.

And yet, doctors with bitterness state that in recent years the percentage of patients who, to put it mildly, overdo it, has been growing in the struggle to improve their appearance. Often, as a result of numerous interventions, they lose their individuality. Even those whose possibilities are endless become victims of plastic surgery.

For example, the famous actress Renee Zellweger, who became famous as Bridget Jones from the famous film, has become completely unrecognizable today.

"She seems to be a pretty woman, but now there is no zest in her appearance that was before,"

- notes Levon Chekhoyan.

Roughly the same thing happened with Mickey Rourke, who turned into just a caricature.

“Of course, the main thing is not to overdo it with appearance. After all, sometimes not even perfect noses look harmonious on the face and give charisma, for example, like Belmondo's. Ideal faces, on the other hand, are sometimes not so attractive. See how beautifully Jodie Foster is aging. But, alas, you can't say that about Masha Rasputina,”

- says the chief plastic surgeon of the Russian Federation Natalya Manturova.

Another saddening trend for doctors is the fashion for embellishment of appearance among young girls who constantly post their photos on social networks. They all look about the same, in accordance with the standards adopted in their environment.

“Believe me, if you wash them, they look much worse. Identical faces are wrong, each must have individuality. I want to live up to the time when all these Instagram girls get old”,

- says Doctor Chekhoyan.

Experts say that over time, perhaps, people will learn to change themselves so radically that nothing natural will remain. But they hope that this time will not come so soon.

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