From Beauty To Dried Fruit: 5 Examples Of Unsuccessful Plastic Stars

From Beauty To Dried Fruit: 5 Examples Of Unsuccessful Plastic Stars
From Beauty To Dried Fruit: 5 Examples Of Unsuccessful Plastic Stars

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Our expert in the field of plastic surgery, Tatyana Golyak, explained why these stars achieved the opposite effect in the struggle for beauty and youth, and also told in which cases plastic was not at all to blame.


Vera Alentova

Unfortunately, no amount of money can save you from mistakes on the part of a plastic surgeon. So it happened with Vera Alentova. The first plastic surgery (circular facelift) for the Soviet artist "happened" back in the late 90s. Then several more operations followed, the result of which was the absence of facial expressions and pronounced asymmetry of the face.

Expert opinion: there is a certain "puffiness" on the face, which may have been caused by injections of a biopolymer. The worst thing about them is that the material cannot be completely removed, since it soaks into soft tissues, disrupting the natural circulation of interstitial fluid, as a result, the effect of edema appears. Damaged tissues are prone to periodic inflammation against a background of decreased immunity.

Lyubov Uspenskaya

Lyubov Uspenskaya at 65 boasts an impeccable figure. Even young girls can envy the fit and slender body of the artist. What can not be said about the face of the chanson star!

Back in the 90s, Lyubov Uspenskaya underwent a facelift, blepharoplasty and nose surgery. In addition, Lyubov Zalmanovna is fond of fillers and injections, which is why her face is inactive, and her skin is very shiny. Every year a smile is given to a star with great difficulty!

Expert opinion: it cannot be denied that Luvov Uspenskaya has repeatedly undergone the aforementioned plastic surgeries. However, I would not say that the star is fond of plastic. Today, Lyubov Zalmanovna looks quite natural, maintaining youth with the correct lifestyle and regular cosmetic procedures.

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsay Lohan did her first plastic surgery when she was 17 years old - the actress enlarged her breasts. Then there was rhinoplasty, and then the pursuit of beauty only gained momentum. With plastic surgery, Lohan tried to revive her appearance, which had suffered greatly from the star's lifestyle.

According to media reports, Lindsay decided to come to grips with her appearance after leaving the rehab: in order to regain her presentable appearance, the actress enlarged her lips and began to do Botox injections. But all this did not affect the appearance in the best way!

Expert opinion: Undoubtedly, Lindsay's appearance was affected by her lifestyle: her face is swollen enough, the vascular network is pronounced, pigmentation of the facial skin, an increase in body weight, which explains the appearance of localized fat deposition in the chin region. As such, I do not note surgical interventions on Lindsay's face. As for the lips, yes, here you can see the work of a cosmetologist by injecting fillers. As for the introduction of Botox, now you will not surprise anyone with this, and its effect can be seen only with facial expressions.

Emmanuelle Bear

For the first time, the actress went under the surgeon's knife in 1989 (then Emmanuelle was 27 years old) to enlarge her lips. And then she turned to plastic surgery again and again in order to correct this or that defect of nature, and then the work of a surgeon that did not satisfy her.

By the way, Bear is one of the few stars who realized the perniciousness of striving to constantly correct something in their appearance. Today the French woman is 56, and she is an ardent opponent of plastic surgery.

Expert opinion: the appearance of the actress really suffered, both at the hands of plastic surgeons and at the hands of cosmetologists.

I assume that a biopolymer was introduced earlier, which cannot be completely removed.Hence, a number of operations performed, which could not but affect the appearance of the actress. Perhaps a forehead lift was performed, as well as plastic surgery of the upper eyelids. As for the latter, it can be noted that the operation was performed incorrectly, which gave the face a sad expression.

The quality of the actress's skin was also significantly affected: pigmentation, elastosis, an abundance of superficial blood vessels. All this could have happened from excessive resurfacing and peeling of the skin, if the doctor's recommendations and UV protection were not followed.

Olsen sisters

In their youth, the Olsen sisters were cuties with round cheeks and cute dimples on them. But the girls wanted so much to be different from each other and look more mature! Therefore, they went to the surgeons.

Although the actresses do not discuss the topic of plastic surgery, according to journalists, Ashley corrected the shape of her nose and increased her cheekbones, and Mary-Kate removed Bish's lumps.

Expert opinion: the girls wanted to be different from each other so much that in the pursuit of individuality they practically lost themselves. Removal of Bisha's lumps with mucosal plasty against the background of a decrease in total body weight added them to the elderly and gave them an emaciated look.

It is possible to note the work of cosmetologists, injections of fillers into the zygomatic region, nasolabial folds, lips, the contours of the lower jaw with the removal of corners. There is definitely a place for Botox injections to combat mimic wrinkles, hardware methods to combat the first signs of aging. There is nothing wrong with that, but a sense of proportion should still be there!

Natalia Andreichenko

Once upon a time, Miss Perfection, in pursuit of youth, underwent several plastic surgeries. And, unfortunately, because of this, she lost her individuality.

Today Natalya Andreichenko bears little resemblance to her former self, and huge lips do not add beauty to the star of Soviet cinema!

Expert opinion: For her age, the actress looks quite natural. Most likely, she underwent such operations as endoscopic lift of the forehead and middle third of the face, upper blepharoplasty. Otherwise, I see only a moderate number of visits to a beautician (botox, fillers and other cosmetic procedures).

Thanks to our expert for help in preparing this material!

Tatyana Vladimirovna Golyak Plastic surgeon, general surgeon

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