With A Twist: Gagarina Tried On A Black Dress With Ruffles And A Wide Belt

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With A Twist: Gagarina Tried On A Black Dress With Ruffles And A Wide Belt
With A Twist: Gagarina Tried On A Black Dress With Ruffles And A Wide Belt

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Polina Gagarina


recently announced that she was starting a new life: she broke up with her second husband Dmitry Iskhakov. The girl now takes care of her daughter Mia herself, as well as her son Andrei from her first marriage. The singer was silent for a long time about the discord in the family, and even after the divorce, she does not show either sadness or fatigue. Recently, the artist regularly participates in various shootings. We started the day before

festive concerts for the New Year

where she checked out in a sparkling mini dress. more on the topic

“It's cool all the same”: Polina Gagarina replenished her wardrobe with dresses, jackets and a fur vest The singer decided to show off her new clothes. She dropped into Yana Raskovalova's boutique, where she staged a fashion show in different outfits.

Earlier, Polina updated her concert outfits. She purchased several luxurious evening gowns. And on the eve, the singer dropped into Yana Raskovalova's boutique. First, she tried on fur vests, jackets and laconic dresses. Then the girl dressed up in a plaid midi-length dress with long sleeves. "Insanely pleasant in color," said the store employees. @media (orientation: landscape) {.viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed - e01f6036f256e04fe0a9 {padding-bottom: 75%;}} @media (orientation: portrait) {.viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed - e01f6036f256e04fe0a9 {padding -bottom: 125%;}}

Then Gagarina put on a black long dress with ruffles made of light fabric, which she complemented with a wide belt to match. Massive trendy boots completed the look. For the portal


the image-stylist Olga Trofimova appreciated the two stylish dresses of the singer. She noted that such outfits are relevant and versatile. @media (orientation: landscape) {.viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed - 9ee29692d8d864cb7d4f {padding-bottom: 75%;}} @media (orientation: portrait) {.viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed - 9ee29692d8d864cb7d4f {padding -bottom: 125%;}}

“Two absolutely identical dresses, but one in white in mini length and the other in black in maxi length. A good image, both the first and the second. The length of the maxi, in itself, is stylish, and the loose cut gives relaxation. In combination with a wide belt, which is presented at the waistline, the legs are visually lengthened. And of course the shoes here are lace-up boots. The image turned out to be charismatic, with a twist and is quite suitable for Polina for the stage and everyday life. A good image,”said the stylist. @media (orientation: landscape) {.viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed - a9fcc7514a38ed3e7637 {padding-bottom: 75%;}} @media (orientation: portrait) {.viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed - a9fcc7514a38ed3e7637 {padding -bottom: 125%;}}

“In the second look, where a white short dress with ruffles, and an accessory group in black is matched to it, it is clear that the image makers have worked. Stylistically correct image, not overloaded, light and gentle,”she explained. Teleprogramma.pro help:

Olga Trofimova is a professional image stylist, personal stylist, shopper, teacher at the Beauty Point training center, with over 10 years of experience.

Olga Trofimova. Photo: Teleprogramma.pro

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