3 Ways To Remove A Double Chin

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3 Ways To Remove A Double Chin
3 Ways To Remove A Double Chin

Video: 3 Ways To Remove A Double Chin

Video: 3 Ways To Remove A Double Chin
Video: Three Ways to Permanently Remove A Double Chin | The Plastics | Harper's BAZAAR 2023, October

The second chin makes the oval of the face indistinct and visually adds age. We share effective ways to tighten skin and strengthen muscles.


Working with the face oval is always very long and difficult, as we often do not have time, forget or are too tired to do a few simple exercises. However, there are several rules that you can follow regularly to achieve excellent results.

1. Comfortable workplace

Make your workplace ergonomic so that your head is not tilted and your gadgets are at eye level. If you are lying on the bed, turn on your side and place your hand with your phone or book in such a way that it is comfortable for you, and your head and neck are not pressed against your chest.

The first thing you need to start fighting with a double chin is habits. How you sit in an office chair, lie on your bed, or work in front of your computer will largely determine the outcome.

2. "Posture reflex"

In 1880, Charles Darwin coined the concept of the "posture reflex" and explained it as specific movements and postures capable of evoking corresponding emotions. If you constantly slouch and forget about an even posture, you can forget about a good mood. Muscles remember everything: when you are in a bad mood, they are in tension and fix this position for a long time, as a result of which the oval of the face "floats away", a second chin appears, flews and other problems. If it seems impossible for you to tune in to the positive among all the difficulties of life, then start by correcting the muscle reaction - straighten your shoulders, smile, do exercises and feel a charge of vivacity.

3. Effective exercise

The third, no less important rule is working with posture. The second chin appears due to the curvature of the spine: the muscles of the thoracic region are compressed; the back is rounded; the head is "pressed" into the shoulders.

To get rid of the stoop, you can do 4 sets of light joint exercises in the morning. Turns of the head around its axis in one and the other direction 6-8 times.

Head tilts to the shoulder. In this case, the ear, which is on top, should tend to the ceiling (imagine that someone is pulling you by the tip of your ear). Hold for 10 seconds on each side.

Turns of the head to the right and to the left: first move your eyes, and then your head all the way to one side and hold this position for 10 seconds, then in the other direction. Slowly bring your head and eyes back to center.

Tilting the head to the chest. Do the exercise 10 times. Hold your head down with your hands on top of your head, stretch the back of your neck. The arms should be relaxed, the hands at the crown of the head are intertwined.

Shoulder movements - connect the shoulder blades with springy movements 6-8 times.