12 Stars Who Made Plastic And Are Not Shy About It

12 Stars Who Made Plastic And Are Not Shy About It
12 Stars Who Made Plastic And Are Not Shy About It

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Most often, stars try not to advertise manipulations with their face - even in those cases when everyone sees a clearly altered nose or a face lifted by a surgeon, they continue to insist that they have everything natural and their own. Actually, no one is hot or cold from this - but the sediment from the obvious lie remains.


Some of the famous women admit quite openly and boldly in what they have done - and talk about the intricacies of the operations. Special thanks should be given to those of them who also explain to their fans why, for example, there is no need to enlarge their breasts and what consequences this leads to.

1. Britney Spears

It seems that just yesterday Britney burst to the top of the world charts in the form of a daring schoolgirl with pigtails and a short skirt - and today a mother of two children, on the eve of her 40th birthday, admits that she has a personal plastic surgeon. True, the singer seems to be slightly disingenuous when she says that she only tried filler on the lips. It seems that the nose is noticeably narrowed, and the cheekbones have been worked on, and the forehead area looks as if Botox has been put there for a very long time.

2. Cher

The star, whose age exceeded seven dozen, always calmly talked about all the operations - how many there were, no one will say for sure, because almost everything has been redrawn. A couple of ribs and teeth were removed from the singer so that the waist and cheekbones were more pronounced. The nose, lips and chin have changed more than once, there are implants in the chest and on the buttocks, and the face has been lifted for the third time.

3. Victoria Beckham

Even in her youth, the singer made herself silicone breasts - but over time she realized that this was a very big mistake, and returned everything back. Now a mother of four children and a successful designer admits that it is definitely not worth changing your body for the sake of fashion - and advises all girls to appreciate and love their natural proportions.

4. Jennifer Gray

Patrick Swayze's Dirty Dancing partner, Jennifer Gray, regrets terribly that she decided to change her nose. The success of the tape was overwhelming - and the actress could have built a dizzying career, but because of rhinoplasty, she was no longer recognized, so she no longer received good roles in films.

5. Khloe Kardashian

In one of her interviews, sister Kim Kardashian said that she did face contouring with the help of fillers, but was so disappointed with the result that she got rid of them. Experts say that celebrities should admit to both rhinoplasty and the clear removal of Bish's lumps - and the shape of Chloe's lips is clearly different from what can be seen in the early pictures.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress assures that she tried everything except the operation - but she does not exclude it either: if necessary, she will undoubtedly lie under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Paltrow is known for her love of organic, natural cosmetics and healthy eating, but she looks about the same as her attractive peers. If there was any interference, it was very delicate.

7. Jennifer Aniston

The star has clearly changed the contour of the nose, she herself says that she needed to correct the septum - Jen had difficulty breathing, so she underwent surgery. The back of the nose was made a little narrower and the shape of the tip was adjusted.

8. Robin Wright

The actress admits that she visits the surgeon every six months. She prefers injections of Botox and fillers - but there have been no more interventions, she says. Looking at photographs of Robin in her youth and now, it is clear that the facial features have remained the same. And she looks younger and fresher now than 10 years ago.

9. Denise Richards

The girl received her first silicone in her chest as a gift from her parents for her 19th birthday - then she put herself on larger implants, and today she repents and scolds herself for stupidity. To regain her previous forms, the actress took much more effort, time and money than during enlargement operations.

10. Courtney Cox

The star of the sitcom "Friends" was very tormented by a bad experience with contouring - then even close friends stopped recognizing the face of the actress, not to mention the directors and fans. When the fillers were over, Courtney decided never to experiment with her appearance again - and discourages others from them.

11. Nicole Kidman

Kidman admits to using botox and contouring, but it looks like the nose has undergone changes, the jawline has been tightened, and the shape of the eyes has changed slightly - probably these are the consequences of a lift.

12. Tyra Banks

At the very beginning of her modeling career, the girl reshaped her nose - and believes that this helped her achieve success. In addition, the top model admits that she constantly wears wigs and willingly showcases her collection.

Do you agree that plastic surgery can improve the face, but it can also ruin it?

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