6 Things That Guys Are Attracted To Girls

6 Things That Guys Are Attracted To Girls
6 Things That Guys Are Attracted To Girls

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1. Makeup called Smoky eyes (smoky ice) Translated from English means "smoky eyes". Makeup looks like a transition from a lighter shade to a darker one. Applying eyeshadow in this way creates a hazy effect and looks attractive.


A variety of colors and shades can be used in smokey ice, but the classic is the transition from white to black.

This makeup is suitable for absolutely all girls, but the main thing is that you need to choose the right shades that are right for you!

[caption] https://vk.com/girls.blog [/caption] 2. Arrows for the eyes Arrows for the eyes have become a must in every woman's life. There are many types of different arrows, such as:

· Thin lines - the simplest and most common option, which can be perfect for any occasion;

· Thick lines are suitable for evening make-up. They add density to the eyelashes, and the thickness of the arrow can be changed depending on the size and shape of the eyes;

· Cat eyes are an option for brave girls who are not at all afraid to look bold and seductive;

· "Wings" make a bright accent on the eyes. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the arrow gradually thickens along the upper eyelid. The line of the lower eyelid starts from the level of the pupil and follows the contour of the growth of the eyelashes, and at the end is connected to the upper one.

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[caption] https://vk.com/girls.blog [/caption] 3. Initiative Men really like girls who take initiative in anything. Men sometimes also want the girl to write first, to meet - in general, to take the first step.

[caption] https://vk.com/girls.blog [/caption] 4. Openness in communication Many girls are used to thinking that being serious, stately, sophisticated is the key to success in order to attract attention. Yes, in the beginning this is so, but then it will not go exactly as you wanted. The guy wants the girl to be open and active in communication. Men like it when they are listened to and discuss various topics with them, they love it when girls argue and share their thoughts.

[caption] https://vk.com/girls.blog [/caption] 5. Glasses A girl with glasses gives the impression of being smart and well-read, men are attracted to it. Also, the girl with glasses looks pretty cute, especially when the correct shape is selected for the oval of the face.

Some men say that a girl with glasses looks defenseless, they want to take care of her and protect her.

[caption] https://vk.com/girls.blog [/caption] 6. Naturalness Naturalness lies not only in makeup, but also in communication. It seems to girls that when they are not wearing makeup, they look terrible, but men do not think so, not many people like too much makeup on a girl.

When it comes to communication, men love it when you remain yourself next to them, when you are open and sweet. Try to remain yourself next to your man, even if you like to fool around, this is especially liked by the male sex. Be yourself and everything will work out!

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