The Stars Who Enlarged Their Lips: Who Disfigured Themselves, And Who Benefited?

The Stars Who Enlarged Their Lips: Who Disfigured Themselves, And Who Benefited?
The Stars Who Enlarged Their Lips: Who Disfigured Themselves, And Who Benefited?

Video: The Stars Who Enlarged Their Lips: Who Disfigured Themselves, And Who Benefited?

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Bulhorn is the name of a technique that allows you to enlarge the upper lip. Because the result looks natural, celebrities are very fond of it.


Lana Del Rey

The languid and melancholic Lana Del Rey made the bulhorn to make the image more expressive. It is worth to pay tribute, in combination with the sophisticated features of the singer's face, her plump (thanks to surgeons) lips look very impressive. And most importantly, it is quite natural!

Lyubov Uspenskaya

Lubov Uspenskaya also increased her lips. In her case, the result of the operation does not look natural at all, but do not rush to be disappointed in Bulhorn. The reason for the failure of the singer is in her excessive passion for plastic.

Love herself, it seems, is not going to stop improving her appearance on the operating table - she is satisfied with everything.

Kylie Jenner

Experts recommend the bullhorn technique more often to adult patients, but this did not stop Kylie Jenner, and at 22 she changed the shape of her lips. The star denies that a surgeon's scalpel touched her, but it's hard to believe in comparing archived and fresh photos of the young billionaire.

Svetlana Loboda

Superstar Svetlana Loboda in each of her interviews from time to time assures journalists that she has never done plastic surgery. Both fans and experts hardly believe her, otherwise how to explain why the singer's lips are now strikingly different from those that we see in photographs taken several years ago? It was clearly not without the operation.

Liv Tyler

For millions of fans around the world, Liv Tyler has always been the standard of natural beauty, but she also succumbed to fashion trends and turned to plastic surgeons. The actress tried bulhorn on herself and became the happy owner of plump lips. Fortunately, the rest of Liv's facial features remained intact, because of this, the girl looks quite harmonious and natural.

Masha Malinovskaya

Masha Malinovskaya is one of the celebrities who are overly carried away by improving their own appearance. Over the years, the girl sometimes added fillers, then removed them, and even unfolded her already huge lips using the bulhorn technique.

Operation Bulhorn is a lifesaver in the fight against hated age-related changes.

Valentia Kravtsevich Plastic surgeon of the BIOS clinic

Due to the loss of elasticity, the skin above the lip stretches over the years, and the distance between the tip of the nose and the upper lip increases noticeably, and the lip itself becomes thinner. According to aesthetic standards, the distance between the nose and the lip should be 1.5 centimeters. It is this figure that specialists are guided by when performing plastic surgery using this technique.

A competent specialist will surely not only find out what effect the patient wants to get, but will also tell him about the boundaries that cannot be violated. Before removing the skin in the area of ​​the base of the nose, the surgeon must carry out a series of anatomical measurements of the face to calculate an individual beauty formula. Indeed, unlike fillers, which dissolve after a while, it is almost impossible to correct the results of the Bulhorn operation.

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