Plasticine Faces: Russian Stars Who Disfigured Themselves

Plasticine Faces: Russian Stars Who Disfigured Themselves
Plasticine Faces: Russian Stars Who Disfigured Themselves

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Plastic surgery among the stars has become so common that you can literally count the celebrities with a natural face on your fingers. And while some are promoting natural aging and self-acceptance, others are doing the fifth lift and hope to be preserved young forever. They also pump their lips to such a size that behind them it becomes completely invisible to the face. The heroes of our collection are just such.


Eva Polna

This year, the singer celebrated her 45th birthday, and there is not even a hint of wrinkles on her face. Evil tongues immediately started talking about a facelift, but Eva did not comment on these rumors. In any case, even if there is such plastic, it is made of high quality. Unlike Polna's lips.

Even 10 years ago, the Internet blew up the news that the soloist of the "Guests from the Future" group pumped her lips. The public compared them to bloated dumplings, and Eve herself dubbed "disfigured." Of course, now the situation is a little better, but the singer failed to return to its former beauty (with natural lips).

Ekaterina Semenova

The theater and film actress was very popular in the early 2000s. Catherine starred in film after film, and the audience only had time to admire her talent and natural beauty. Then, for some time, Semenova disappeared from the screens and returned only in 2017. It was here that everyone was surprised: the actress's face was irreparably damaged by plastic.

Semenova, who at that time was 46 years old, looked at all 60. Fans suggested that she fell for the same bait as Vera Alentova: she was too carried away by the pursuit of youth. Now it is unclear whether they did a bad job to her, or whether they injected something wrong (and Catherine more than once talked about her passion for injections). Be that as it may, the result is the same - lost beauty.

If you don't want to follow the path of Catherine, try a safe way to rejuvenate: Face fitness against aging: top 5 simple exercises for the face.

Zhanna Aguzarova

The shocking singer of the late 90s, it would seem, will not surprise anyone with anything. Fans saw her without eyebrows, with protruding antennae-hair of various shades, with bright arrows up to her ears. But a year ago Aguzarova decided to surpass herself, and unsuccessful plastic helped her in this.

Jeanne injected herself with Botox and pumped up her lips, so much so that her face began to look like a wax mask. The video interview she gave to one of the publications shocked fans. They wonder: is it really outrageous to disfigure oneself without the possibility of returning? And only Aguzarova herself knows the answer.

If suddenly you do not remember how the singer looked before: Martian beauty: how the face of Zhanna Aguzarova changed over time.

Lada Dance

Another singer from the 90s who is struggling to keep her youthfulness. Lada Dance turned 50 this year, but, apparently, she really wanted to look at 30. How else to explain such an amount of Botox in her face?

Lada "stabbed" herself so that not a trace of facial expressions remained. The skin on the cheekbones is taut and looks unnaturally smooth. Dance did not forget about the lips: in modern photographs they are 5 times more than those that the singer had at the beginning of her career.

Not only Lada fell for this bait: Burnt with hyaluron: the stars who stabbed themselves.

Olga Spirkina

The last heroine of the collection suffered from the unprofessionalism of cosmetologists. Olga wanted to slightly tighten her skin with a thread lift, but in the end she got unnaturally raised eyebrows. To correct the consequences of the procedure, Spirkina once again turned to the clinic, where the situation was only aggravated. After this hike, the actress's cheeks were hollow.

Having abandoned attempts to return her former face in Russia, Olga went to Switzerland, where she recovered for a long time after the procedures of would-be specialists. Now the actress is happy with her appearance, and Spirkina advises all those who want to go under the knife to think a thousand times.

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