3 Rules For A Safe Yet Effective Tanning In Spring

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3 Rules For A Safe Yet Effective Tanning In Spring
3 Rules For A Safe Yet Effective Tanning In Spring
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Pallor does not suit anyone's face, but a golden skin tone suits everyone.

Spring has already come and the sun has come out. After several months of winter, your pale body crawls out on a lounger in the sun, but what awaits you? Alas, burnt skin due to non-compliance with the rules. WomanHit will teach you how to tan properly and enjoy the results for a couple of months.


The first thing to think about is the UV factor. Check the UV index in the app on your phone to understand what level of protection you need. Usually in the spring, the index is 1-2, so there is enough protection for the body 15+, and for the face - 30+. And by the end of the season, you need to increase protection in order to withstand the harmful effects of the stronger sun. For the body, you will need a factor of 30+, and for the face - 50+.


A tan will not stick to your body if your skin is flaky due to lack of moisture. After showering, apply oil to your body - preferably coconut oil because it is inexpensive, but moisturizes the skin and provides a thin film of oil on the surface. However, be careful with your clothes: it is better to walk naked after applying the oil to allow it to be absorbed. If you do not want to go straight to bed after a bath, it is better to apply a light lotion with NUF.


Take a blood test for vitamins as prescribed by your doctor to see if you have enough vitamins D, E and A. They are responsible for the color, tan quality and skin condition. In case of a deficiency, it is important to replenish them with medicines or food - it depends on the amount of substances that you are lacking. Usually, tanning lovers are advised to drink freshly squeezed carrot juice, which contains a lot of vitamin A, along with toast, spread with butter - it contains vitamin E and fatty acids that promote the absorption of vitamins.

Why you need to sunbathe in the spring

In spring, the UV index is not as strong as in summer, as we noted above. For this reason, the tan will gradually fall on the body, without affecting the alkaline-lipid balance, that is, without causing overdrying of the skin and the appearance of rashes or age spots on it. For a darker tan, you can use a tinted lotion with bronze reflective particles. If you do everything in combination, your body will acquire a pleasant shade in just a couple of months.

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