Imperceptibly And For A Long Time: Doctors Talked About Cosmetology Trends For 2021

Imperceptibly And For A Long Time: Doctors Talked About Cosmetology Trends For 2021
Imperceptibly And For A Long Time: Doctors Talked About Cosmetology Trends For 2021

Video: Imperceptibly And For A Long Time: Doctors Talked About Cosmetology Trends For 2021

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Russian women no longer chase after a huge number of beauty procedures and "duck lips". Natural and cost-effective changes in appearance are now in vogue. Cosmetologists are jubilant: ladies are increasingly asking to emphasize natural beauty, and not to change their face in a drastic way. What procedures are in special demand among Russian women, why some of them are very dangerous and what women miss in pursuit of contrived beauty - in the material.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, during which many different bans were introduced, Russian women began to visit less beauticians. Only the most daring and thirsty for "miraculous transformations" of women remained highly interested in these specialists. Svetlana Temiraeva, a cosmetologist, told about this. According to the expert, over the past year, the demand for various injection procedures has remained, and new trends have emerged.


Author: Svetlana Temiraeva [cosmetologist]

The Jolie Angles procedure is in demand. This is when a filler is inserted under the lower jaw to bring it forward a little. Of course, flat lips and bowknot are popular. The girls themselves are now increasingly asking to slightly correct their lips rather than significantly enlarge them. I myself stand for naturalness, no duck lips. My clients don't even ask for that. From hardware procedures, SMAS-lifting (ultrasonic facelift) is in demand. It smoothes the skin and restores its elasticity without surgery or injections.

Emphasize, not add

With the fact that the fashion for naturalness has finally returned, the cosmetologist Alexandra Gont agreed. Now the ladies want the result of all the manipulations to look as natural as possible and those around them do not even notice such aesthetic interventions. According to the specialist, often Russian women ask to moisturize and slightly rejuvenate their lips, and not change their volume. And in general, procedures are chosen based on their economic benefits.


Author: Alexandra Gont [cosmetologist, dermatologist, member of the Russian Society of Medical Aesthetics and Mesotherapy]

Because of the pandemic, people began to live worse, even those who were wealthy. They began to save money, so Russian women now prefer long-term procedures. They stopped doing prophylaxis and started treating the problems sooner. Therefore, mesothreads are also in demand now. They are placed once and the effect lasts a long time. This just does not change the face much, there is no need to inject a large number of fillers. Botulinum toxin remains very popular, but the methods have changed. Previously, they tried to achieve the effect that the face was completely immobilized. Now these are soft jokes, when the muscles of the face are gradually relaxed. In order not to remove facial expressions, but only to weaken it.

Permanent makeup is becoming another popular and fashionable procedure, the beautician added in an interview with According to her, new techniques help to subtly and naturally restore the shape of the lips and eyebrows. The expert clarified that aggressive colors are not used in this case - this will greatly forgive the girls. By the way, this procedure is especially relevant in the context of current restrictions - the obligatory wearing of masks in public places that smear ordinary makeup.

Dangerous and tasteless

Russian women also resort to injectable rhinoplasty, wanting to correct the shape of the nose without surgery, added Alexandra Gont. Experts believe that this cosmetic manipulation will not lose its popularity in the near future. According to the physician, such rhinoplasty is quite dangerous and requires "jewelry elaboration."Indeed, many large vessels pass in the nose, and if you accidentally get into one of them, complications cannot be avoided. Inflammation or even tissue necrosis may occur. Therefore, the choice of a beautician should be taken seriously. In addition, not all anatomical features can be corrected by injectable rhinoplasty, the expert concluded.

Plastic surgeon Tigran Aleksanyan opposed such procedures. The doctor explained that injectable rhinoplasty can turn into very sad consequences and it is better to completely forget about such beauty procedures. The specialist calls for naturalness and beauty interventions when justified.


Author: Tigran Aleksanyan [plastic surgeon, doctor of medical sciences]

I am opposed to all this, only for what there is objective evidence. These are age-related changes, some kind of defects in appearance. And in 90% of cases, the opposite happens. For example, jaw lengthening is bad taste, in rare cases it can be done when there is a "bird" face (a sunken jaw). And when such a procedure is massive, girls lose their individuality, become the same “Instagram faces”. Putting drugs in the nose is generally unacceptable. The risk of developing necrosis is very high. Moreover, now there are many unqualified specialists offering such services.

The doctor also added that surgery and cosmetology do not deny each other. Therefore, various supportive cosmetic procedures for age-related changes are not bad. The main thing is not to approach this with excessive fanaticism and not to turn to specialists, only paying tribute to the far-fetched fashion.

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