Can "pumped" Lips Burst

Can "pumped" Lips Burst
Can "pumped" Lips Burst

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Lip augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures of our time. At the same time, it is also the most talked about. Rambler has found out if such lips can burst.


Edema after injections always appears and lasts up to a week. However, in some cases, due to the mistakes of cosmetologists, the lips swell excessively, there is a feeling of bursting, and the shape itself "goes bumps". This is due to the lack of competence of the doctor.

The gray zone of cosmetologists represents amateurs who do not understand anatomy, do not check a person for intolerance to certain drugs and work using the wrong technologies. But they offer a low cost of their services.

Although fillers cannot tear tissue (they are quite elastic), they can cause tissue to die. This happens if the beautician gets into the vessel.

“Non-professionals inject hyaluronic acid for five thousand. The consequences of such savings are allergies, crooked lips, pinched blood vessels. After all, these people do not know anatomy, they inject anyhow. this is an embolism, it is deadly, "- said Ekaterina Zakharova to Life.

Embolism is the presence of particles in the bloodstream that are not normally found there. In this case, the drug can form a blood clot and cause death.

Less "scary" results of non-professional work end with facial asymmetry, tissue ossification and repeated surgical interventions.

Incompetent doctors can be sued. Private medical activities that cause harm to health may even turn into a restriction of freedom. True, not all victims of cosmetologists reach the appropriate authorities.

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