Cosmetologist Reveals The Secrets Of Youth-preserving Sleep

Cosmetologist Reveals The Secrets Of Youth-preserving Sleep
Cosmetologist Reveals The Secrets Of Youth-preserving Sleep

Video: Cosmetologist Reveals The Secrets Of Youth-preserving Sleep

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Quality sleep plays an important role in preserving beauty and youth. However, not all people know exactly how to sleep, which blanket and pillows to use. The secret was revealed by the cosmetologist Svetlana Zhaboeva.

“It is very important to sleep comfortably. The main thing is that it should not be face in the pillow. If there are problems with cervical osteochondrosis, the more you need to monitor your posture during sleep,”

- she said in an interview with Sputnik radio.

The beautician said that during sleep there should be a good outflow of lymph and blood in the neck. To do this, you need to choose the right pillow. Otherwise, in the morning, a person will wake up swollen and with creases on the skin of the face.

However, anti-wrinkle pillows are just a marketing ploy. This item can be anything. The main thing is that its height is at least half the size of the shoulder.

Sleep duration also plays a major role. To preserve youth and beauty, you need to sleep at least seven hours a day, and better - eight or nine. It is also important to go to bed and wake up at the right time.

“It's better to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. It is more biologically correct in keeping with the rhythms of sunrise and sunset. Even if you sleep seven to eight hours, but this is, for example, a daytime sleep, and not a nighttime sleep, it is still a violation of circadian rhythms,”

- noted the specialist.

Don't drink a lot of water at night. This can threaten with edema. It is better to stop abusing drinks three to four hours before bedtime.

The next enemy of beauty is applying cosmetics a few minutes before bedtime. Zhaboeva said that they need to be given at least half an hour to absorb. And falling asleep with patches under the eyes is generally prohibited - the silicone film interferes with the breathing of the skin.

Also, before going to bed, it is important to thoroughly cleanse the body and face from cosmetics and dirt accumulated during the day.

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