Beauties With Appetizing Shapes Break Templates

Beauties With Appetizing Shapes Break Templates
Beauties With Appetizing Shapes Break Templates

Video: Beauties With Appetizing Shapes Break Templates

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Beauty standards dictate certain rules: ideal parameters, not a gram of excess weight, a toned body. But in the modeling business, there are girls who decide to break these rules. And despite being overweight and by no means 90x60x90, they were able to become famous all over the world, appear on the covers of famous magazines and prove by their own example that you can be beautiful and desirable in any body. They accepted themselves as they are, and are not going to change. And why, if many fans around the world dream of their mouth-watering forms.

1/7 Justine Lego did not plan to become a model, confident that her forms are not in the format of glossy editions. But she was wrong. The Canadian was invited to participate in a photo shoot and soon she became one of the most famous plus-size models and the first plump to appear on the cover of "Elle Quebec".

Photo: @itsjustinelegault

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2/7 Jenny Rank could not even imagine that her forms would be recognized as attractive. But the girl made a career in the modeling business, becoming the face of the H&M brand. After that, Jenny was literally showered with offers. And now a beauty with appetizing forms is literally snapped up.

Photo: @jennierunk

3/7 Ashley Graham is called the most popular plus-size model in the world. She managed to prove that her curvaceous body is beautiful, despite not at all model standards. Famous couturiers collaborate with Ashley, and the girl's photographs often adorn the covers of fashion magazines.

Photo: @ashleygraham

4/7 Belarusian model Katya Zharkova by her own example managed to prove that the beauty of girls is not in skinny figures. Now Katya is known all over the world, without hesitation, she demonstrates all the delights of her mouth-watering figure and collaborates with well-known brands.

Photo: @katyazharkova

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5/7 Marquita Pring is the first plump model to appear on the cover of Vogue's launch plus-size issue. The girl was able to reach unprecedented heights: she demonstrates clothes by Jean Paul Gaultier and presents collections of the Levi’s brand.

Photo: @marquitapring



It is worth noting that this does not mean at all that girls do not look after themselves. Everything is good in moderation. Their bodies, although lush, are not blurry and very attractive. And it was they who brought them success and worldwide fame.

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