3 Effective Ways To Ward Off Old Age

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3 Effective Ways To Ward Off Old Age
3 Effective Ways To Ward Off Old Age

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Millions of women around the world spend large sums every month on beauty maintenance. An impressive part of these funds is aimed at preserving youth: expensive creams and cosmetic procedures.

However, neuroscientists are sure that old age can be delayed without huge financial investments. More about the most effective methods - in the material of "Rambler".

Choose silk bedding

No matter how much we love cotton in clothes, when buying bed linen, it is better to give preference to silk models. The fact is that cotton has a rough effect on the skin, which makes you look not rested in the morning, but, on the contrary, tired. Silk, in turn, gently cares for the skin, which contributes to a more comfortable sleep and at the same time helps to delay aging.

Include porcini mushrooms in your diet

Scientists from the United States have found that people who regularly consume porcini mushrooms feel much younger than their age. This effect is achieved thanks to the special substances contained in porcini mushrooms - ergothioneine and glutathione. They neutralize damaged cells, and also prevent a number of serious ailments, including cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular system and Alzheimer's disease.

Master yoga for the face

Over the past few years, numerous "face-building" techniques have exploded in popularity. And for good reason: by consistently straining and then relaxing muscle groups, you remove the stress accumulated during the day from your face, and even become more energetic and emotionally calmer. Another plus of this practice is that you can master it with the help of videos on YouTube.

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