We Found Out Where Victoria Krutaya, Anastasia Reshetova And Rita Dakota Do Permanent Makeup

We Found Out Where Victoria Krutaya, Anastasia Reshetova And Rita Dakota Do Permanent Makeup
We Found Out Where Victoria Krutaya, Anastasia Reshetova And Rita Dakota Do Permanent Makeup

Video: We Found Out Where Victoria Krutaya, Anastasia Reshetova And Rita Dakota Do Permanent Makeup

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Permanent make-up master and make-up artist Elina Khunkaeva, founder of the Elle Permanent studio network, knows how a permanent make-up procedure should be carried out. It is no coincidence that Victoria Krutaya, Anastasia Reshetova and Rita Dakota trust her with their faces.


“Since childhood, I loved to draw, and in my school and college days I liked to transform those around me, especially my eyebrows attracted my attention,” says Elina. - At the age of 17, I combined my studies at the RUDN University at the Faculty of Engineering with classes at the Moscow School of Makeup Artists. In the end, she still chose her favorite profession - a make-up artist. And when I first saw the hair-like technique of permanent make-up, I also found my favorite direction. I remember when I just started doing what I love, my classmate reminded me how I ran to her with tweezers between couples and literally forcibly corrected and drew her eyebrows - we laughed with her for a long time … So now any girl can in my permanent makeup studios in Moscow Elle Permanent make flawless eyebrows, draw arrows and fill lips with color."

By the way, in Elle Permanent they work only on modern certified equipment and use the highest quality pigments. “In our salons we use only certified pigments specially designed for permanent make-up,” Elina clarifies. - They are hypoallergenic and completely safe. The resulting effect will persist for an average of one to three years (resistance depends on many factors: skin type, age, lifestyle). We have assembled the strongest team, all the masters of our studios are highly qualified professionals, with a subtle vision of beauty and great experience behind them."

One of the most popular beauty treatments in the Elle Permanent studio is permanent eyebrow makeup. This service is carried out in several stages. First, the master makes a sketch of future eyebrows with a pencil (if necessary, removes excess hairs). Then he selects the desired shade of pigment, taking into account the natural color of the client's hair, eyes and skin. Then he disinfects the “working area” and, if necessary, applies an application anesthesia (as a rule, an appropriate ointment is used). And only then, very carefully and superficially, with the tip of the needle, he introduces the pigment. In general, the whole procedure takes an hour and a half. At the end of the session, the master applies a healing cream and gives the necessary recommendations for eyebrow care.

The second and no less popular service is permanent makeup of the eyelids, namely, filling the space between the eyelashes with pigment. With this procedure, you can achieve the effect of thick and fluffy eyelashes. This make-up looks absolutely natural, emphasizing the natural beauty of the eyes.

“And one more procedure that is now gaining momentum is permanent lip makeup,” notes Elina. "This service allows you to completely transform the face: in this way we give thin lips a natural volume, and add a little brightness to pale lips."

“I would like to note that with the help of permanent make-up you can hide natural and age-related defects of appearance - asymmetry, cold lip shade, disproportionate upper and lower lips, blurred contour,” Elina emphasizes.

Permanent eyebrow makeup - from 8,000 to 30,000 rubles.

Permanent lip makeup - from 8,000 to 30,000 rubles.

Permanent eyelid makeup - from 8,000 to 30,000 rubles.

Website: elle-permanent.ru

Instagram: elina_khunkaeva

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