How To Dye Your Hair Yourself At Home

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How To Dye Your Hair Yourself At Home
How To Dye Your Hair Yourself At Home

Video: How To Dye Your Hair Yourself At Home

Video: How To Dye Your Hair Yourself At Home
Video: How to Dye Hair at Home (Coloring Tips & Tricks) 2023, March

Dyeing your hair at home yourself is, of course, difficult, but possible. To simplify your task, the editorial staff of has collected tips from Londa stylist Kirill Ivanov. Read and be sure to remember!

Mix multiple shades

If you mix several shades, then you can easily choose exactly the color you want. But, before experimenting, you need to learn one main rule: it is best to mix paints from one manufacturer and one line. Having clearly defined the color, you can choose the right shade by trial. But this is quite risky, because without special knowledge it is easy to make a mistake. So, before mixing shades, learn the rules of the color wheel.

Leave unpainted roots by a millimeter

Surprising but true! When you paint at home, you need to leave the roots unpainted by a millimeter. Of course, when you come to the salon, the masters completely dye your hair, including the roots. But at home you do not have the special skills and tools to do this efficiently and effectively clean the scalp from paint.

Wipe your face with milk along the hairline

Many do not pay attention to this point or simply forget. You don't want to go around with paint not only on your hair, but also on your face, right? Then, before coloring, be sure to wipe your face along the hairline with some milk. It is fatter than a regular toner, so it will prevent the dye from absorbing into your skin.

Make sure your ears are free of paint

This is one of the most common mistakes you make when dyeing your hair yourself. Almost every girl faced this - she did not protect her ears from paint. To avoid this, you need to apply a greasy cream or petroleum jelly to your ears. Then the paint will not be absorbed into the skin and will be easily rubbed off. But if you do not have the necessary protective equipment at hand, then carefully watch the paint on your ears.

Apply color to dirty hair

Many experts recommend not washing your hair for 2-3 days before dyeing. On dirty hair, the dye is better distributed, and the color is more saturated and even. And sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous glands, protects the scalp from the active components of the paint. The result is no overdrying of the skin and hair breakage. Take note!

Wash off the paint

Lovers of home coloring often sin with this - either from laziness or from inattention. It is necessary to bring the process to the end. Rinse off the paint until the water is clear. Otherwise, you can stain your clothes, and towels, and, for example, bed linen, if you paint before going to bed. It is also recommended to rinse your hair with a special balm that comes with the dye to restore their protective film of the strands.

Use shampoo for colored hair

If you decide to dye your hair, you need to stock up on a whole arsenal of products, and first of all, shampoo for colored hair. Firstly, such products have a special formula that allows the color to last longer. Secondly, they contain components that restore hair and protect it from further negative influences. This is definitely a must-have for colored hair!

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