The Most Disliked Sex Positions For Girls

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The Most Disliked Sex Positions For Girls
The Most Disliked Sex Positions For Girls

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In porn, these sex positions are used regularly and the men thought it was a good idea. But in reality, women do not like some sex positions and even hate them. The sex positions most disliked by girls, after which there may be no more sex. Sex positions, which are constantly used in adult cinema, are not always met with joy and enthusiasm by girls in real life. Many sex positions girls hate and do not want to try in bed. After some positions of the knowledgeable, there may not be sex. What is better not to do in bed?


Sex Positions Most Disliked by Girls 1. Sex in the shower or bath

In porn, the bathroom is all about sex. But in the bathroom or shower, you rarely get a good fuck. Too slippery, traumatic, painful, cold, and water washes away natural lubricant. The right intimate lubricants help in part, but not always. Girls prefer to start petting and foreplay in the bathroom, and then transfer sex to bed when you are still wet and hot. 2. Sex Position 69

In porn, everything is simple and convenient, but in reality, all this is not a very good idea. Girls can do a blowjob and receive cunnilingus at the same time. But it is much more difficult to finish with mutual oral sex. Added to the negative factors is a predictable difference in height. Girls want to close their eyes and enjoy while having fun. Girls prefer to have oral sex separately. Each of the partners gives pleasure to each other in turn. So the chances of reaching orgasm are high.

3. Reverse cowgirl

Girls can easily cum in this position technically, but in reality it is more difficult. In this position, it is difficult to understand how the partner feels and how he reacts. Girls want more eye contact with men. Staring at his feet is not a very good idea.

4. Standing Sex Position

Sometimes it's good to have a quick fuck after lingering in a dark corridor. But these are very rare cases. In most situations, it is very difficult for a girl to stand up to relax and have an orgasm. Added to this is having sex at not exactly the right angles. The standing pose makes the girl's risk of falling booty to the floor if she wraps her legs around him and hangs on her partner.

5. Acrobatic sex positions

A bridge, a car, a flying circus and other difficult technical positions are for porn actors and professional athletes. It is quite difficult for ordinary people to enjoy sex during such somersaults. In addition, women hate some bad habits in sex that interfere with intimacy. This is when the phone rings, there is no proper hygiene, a lot of humor, vulgar jokes, too rough sex, unnecessary conversations and other distractions.

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