Sex Positions For A Tired Wife Or Drunk Girl

Sex Positions For A Tired Wife Or Drunk Girl
Sex Positions For A Tired Wife Or Drunk Girl

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Women like to refer to fatigue, and girlfriends to alcohol intoxication, avoiding sex. But we have great options for such a case. How to enjoy intimacy, have sex and have an orgasm if your girlfriend, mistress or wife is too tired for sex? Sex positions for tired wives and drunken mistresses. Sometimes you are exhausted during the day that you don't have the strength to have sex at all. But you really want to get relaxation and orgasm? There are positions that allow you to have good sex even when you are sleepy, tired, or drunk. Now the wife will not be able to blame everything on fatigue or lack of strength. And a drunk and tired girlfriend is also good for sex. In such a situation, even a "dead log" or a drunk girlfriend can be a pleasure. Sex positions for a tired wife or drunk girl


1. Spoon sex position for a tired girl and a man

One of the slowest, quietest and most enjoyable sex positions are spoons. The girl lies on her side, and the man is attached behind and moves slowly. You can spank a girl's bottom, kiss her neck, caress her breasts, stimulate her clitoris and whisper obscenities. Sometimes it's a good idea to put a pillow under the girl to make her feel more comfortable. In such a sex position, even a tired man and woman, it is easy to get relief. Spooning sex almost guarantees an orgasm for both partners, if you take your time. The pose is good for sleepy morning sex and evening fatigue. A drunk girlfriend is also suitable for this position. 2. Missionary position for a tired girl

In ideal sex, even in a missionary position, the girl leans forward to the man and waves her pelvis to the rhythm of the movement. But if a girl is tired or drunk, then she can lie on a log and just have fun. In most cases, a man can quickly be relieved, just like a woman. It is enough for a man to maintain a rhythm and do a foreplay before that. 3. Mutual masturbation for tired couples

Getting an orgasm through masturbation is easier and faster than full sex. You can masturbate to each other or each independently, admiring your partner. At this moment, it will be good to snuggle up to each other or be at a distance so that you can see better. Provocative conversations and vulgar phrases will make orgasm inevitable. 4. Sex doggy style for a tired girl

The tired girl lies down completely on her stomach, spreads her legs to the sides and enjoys the process. Or the girl becomes cancer, and the man enters her from behind. You can put a couple of pillows under the girl's pelvis or have sex on the edge of the bed. 5. Oral sex for tired partners

Oral sex is faster than usual and often brighter. Having done a pose 69, blowjob or cunnilingus, you can quickly get an orgasm, even to tired partners. Oral sex is convenient because it can be practiced almost anywhere, takes little energy and quickly ends with orgasm. 6. Cross-shaped pose for a tired girl and a man

The girl lies on her back, and the man is on his side. The girl throws her legs over the men and can caress her clitoris to speed up her orgasm. In this position, sex will turn out to be slow and good. An orgasm is almost guaranteed for both partners. Fatigue, sleepiness, or drunkenness shouldn't be a barrier to good sex.

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