Why Doesn't Hair Grow? Shampooing Mistakes

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Why Doesn't Hair Grow? Shampooing Mistakes
Why Doesn't Hair Grow? Shampooing Mistakes

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The shampoo can only be applied to the roots, too hot water makes the hair dull, a long rinse washes out the color and 6 more mistakes that your hair suffers from.


You apply shampoo to the ends

90% of impurities (excess sebum, styling residues) accumulate at the roots. The surfactants in shampoos are effective at removing them, but can dry out the tips. The lather that gets on the hair during rinsing is enough to clean the hair along its entire length.

Using too much conditioner

Apply a small amount of conditioner to the lower third of the hair. An excess of the product will not be absorbed and will make the strands heavier - it can cause hair loss.

Rarely wash your hair

Hair becomes electrified and attracts particles of dust, dirt and heavy metals. Sebum, produced by the sebaceous glands, "seals" impurities between the scales - this destroys the hair structure. Result: loss, split ends, dullness. Use a deep cleansing shampoo once a month.

Apply many products at the same time

Shampoo, conditioner, oil, mask, leave-in spray against split ends, thermal protection - a combination of these products will harm your hair, making it dry and thin at the ends. When washing and drying, use no more than three products - if you apply oil, skip the spray.

Using a conditioner with silicones for co-waxing

Co-washing is a way to wash your hair with a balm (Conditioner only washing). In an interview with BeautyHack, model Marina Linchuk admitted that she has been cleansing her hair only in this way for several years. But co-washing requires adherence to the rules: do not use a conditioner with silicones in the composition - they form a film, disrupting the nutrition of the hair follicles, alternate the method with a regular shampoo to remove heavy dirt (balm cannot do this).

Choosing the wrong water temperature

Too hot water can cause dull hair. Keep it cool to help absorb the moisturizers in your shampoo and conditioner. The high temperature also strengthens the sebaceous glands - hair gets dirty faster.

Use the same shampoo for a long time

No matter how ideal the product is for your hair type, it needs to be changed periodically. The scalp quickly gets used to the active ingredients, and they become ineffective. Try new foods every three months.

Apply shampoo several times

No matter how dirty your hair is, two shampoo applications are enough to cleanse it. Repeated exposure to surfactants can disrupt the lipid balance of the scalp, causing dandruff, itching and flaking.

Rinse your dyed hair for a long time

Colored hair absorbs moisture quickly. Water molecules penetrate between the flakes and wash out the pigment. The longer you wash off the shampoo, the faster the color will fade.

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