How To Wash Your Hair Properly: 7 Tips From A Trichologist

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How To Wash Your Hair Properly: 7 Tips From A Trichologist
How To Wash Your Hair Properly: 7 Tips From A Trichologist

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How to cleanse your hair and scalp without compromising your health and beauty? Trichologist Anna Portkova told about the main rules and the most common mistakes.


Wash your hair as it gets dirty

The trichologist is sure that if the genes have ordered that by the evening your hair is already stale, nothing can be done. Contaminants not washed off in time cause much more harm than chlorine contained in water.

Alas, the fact that the work of the sebaceous glands can be rebuilt is a myth. Hair can really be less greasy with less stress and a good balanced diet. But this does not come from the fact that you "taught" them to wash, for example, once every three days.

Choose the right shampoos

Excessive sebum secretion is provoked by the so-called sulfates (Sodium Laureth Sulphate). If you need to wash your hair every day, Anna advises choosing a shampoo that does not contain this ingredient.

Excessive silicones are also discouraged. They form a film that does not allow the removal of metabolic products from them, which accumulate, and the hair becomes oily faster.

Shampoo only the scalp

Remember - you only need to apply shampoo to the scalp. First of all, it is she who is polluted, while the hair is enveloped in sebum gradually. Owners of long curls often have such a phenomenon: stale roots and at the same time very dry ends.

Therefore, we only cleanse the skin, and the foam generated during the washing process is sufficient to cleanse the hair. In cases of hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands, scrubs can be used. But here you cannot do without the help of a trichologist - there is a risk of injuring and burning the scalp with an incorrectly selected exposure time.

Do not apply balm to the hair roots

As for balms, trichologists do not recommend applying them to the root zone, even if you have dry and normal hair. They include film formers - they are good for hair.

"Sour" balm closes the scales after using an alkaline shampoo, and the film envelops them, protecting them from aggressive influences. “If we apply the balm to the scalp, then we will“cut off”her breath,” Anna sums up.

Choose the right water temperature

Too hot water can cause dull hair. Keep it cool to help absorb the moisturizers in your shampoo and conditioner. The high temperature also strengthens the sebaceous glands - hair gets dirty faster.

Don't use too many products

Anna recommends applying no more than three products when washing and then drying your hair. You don't need to use shampoo, conditioner, mask, oil, and leave-in spray - the combination of these products will only harm your hair, making it dry and thin at the ends.

Trichologists advise to be more careful about the volume of shampoo and conditioner used. The first one is recommended to be applied no more than twice, otherwise surfactants can disrupt the lipid balance of the scalp and cause dandruff and flaking. And the excess of the second will not be absorbed and will make the strands heavier: the conditioner is applied in a strictly small amount and only on the lower third of the hair. Find tips here to help you achieve super volume and splendor.

Don't get carried away with co-washing

Co-washing is a way to wash your hair with a balm (Conditioner only washing). In an interview with BeautyHack, model Marina Linchuk admitted that she has been cleansing her hair only in this way for several years.

But co-washing requires adherence to the rules: do not use a conditioner with silicones in the composition - they form a film, disrupting the nutrition of the hair follicles. Trichologists advise alternating this method with a regular shampoo to remove stubborn dirt (the balm cannot do this).

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