In The Fight For Beauty: Do Tapes Help Against Wrinkles?

In The Fight For Beauty: Do Tapes Help Against Wrinkles?
In The Fight For Beauty: Do Tapes Help Against Wrinkles?
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Taping, taping is a fashionable non-surgical lifting procedure based on sticking strips of kinesiological plaster (tapes) on the skin. A similar technique is used in sports medicine for injury rehabilitation. Cosmetological taping is advertised as a universal remedy for wrinkles, edema, ptosis, deformation. To understand how effective it is, the editorial board of Slovo and Delo was helped by the head of the Reflection medical clinic Tatyana Denisova.


Taping is not for everyone

According to the speaker, Hollywood stars at the beginning and middle of the last century often used adhesive tape to visually smooth wrinkles. The scotch tape hidden under the wig kept the skin taut, making the actresses look younger. Since then, cosmetology has stepped forward. Now the task of the cosmetologist is not to disguise the flaws, but to eliminate them. Are century-old recipes suitable for this? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is rather negative, the doctor notes.

“There are different ways to tighten your skin. You can just pull it on and cut off the excess - this is what plastic surgeons do. A less traumatic and more affordable way is threadlifting: threads are inserted under the skin, with the help of which the beautician moves and fixes the tissue in the correct position. Numerous hardware and injection procedures will make the epidermis more elastic and prevent sagging. If the cheekbones are slightly enlarged with fillers, the tissues will move upward, the nasolabial folds will be smoothed out."

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Does the skin have a memory?

The mechanism of action in each case is clear and simple. How does taping work? One can come across assertions that the skin "remembers" the correct position, but so far there is no experimental confirmation of this. For some time after using the tapes, the face remains taut, but then everything returns to normal.

“Fans of the technique may argue that tapes work differently - they do not stretch the epidermis, but relax the muscles, like injections of botulinum toxin. But it is not so. While the tapes are glued to the face, they limit facial expressions, as a result, the muscles relax, and there are no facial wrinkles. However, once you remove the patch, the ability to wrinkle your forehead or squint your eyes returns. Constant muscle relaxation, as after Botox injections, is out of the question in this case.

Source: - Andrea Piacquadio

Effective method

Thus, taping can only provide a temporary effect. For example, if you stick plasters at night, then in the morning your face will not be wrinkled, but fresh, taut and smooth, but this result will last for several hours at best. Today, there are far more effective treatments for wrinkles.

“For example, wrinkles can be smoothed out with filler injections. Contouring and threadlifting effectively tighten the skin. Laser resurfacing and chemical peeling will even out the relief, and mesotherapy, plasma lifting, bioreparation will improve the quality of the skin, make the epidermis more elastic. And the results will last for several months! There is no comparison with multi-colored patches, the effectiveness of which has not yet been proven."

And one more important point. Although the tapes are made of hypoallergenic materials, the process of peeling them off damages the stratum corneum of the epidermis. With dermatitis, dryness, increased sensitivity of the skin, the use of tapes can do more harm than good, Tatiana concluded.

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