Life Hack From An Expert: How To Do Evening Makeup Yourself

Life Hack From An Expert: How To Do Evening Makeup Yourself
Life Hack From An Expert: How To Do Evening Makeup Yourself
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Life hack from an expert: how to do evening makeup yourself


You must admit that there is not always time to do evening make-up in the salon, when there is a lot of work, and especially when a date is made unexpectedly. So learning how to make the perfect evening make yourself is always useful!

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Especially for PEOPLETALK, Alla Akperova, founder of the Moskvichka brow & beauty bar and Moskvichka Nails networks, shared tips on how to do evening makeup herself, talked about the main trends and how to quickly make perfect arrows.

Alla Akperova, founder of the Moskvichka brow & beauty bar and Moskvichka Nails beauty salon chains

What evening makeup is trending now?

Makeup trends do not change so often, but micro-trends come every season: shapes, colors, textures.

The fall-winter season is about bright blue shadows, rich orange lips and, in general, bright natural shades, coal-black arrows, very voluminous raised eyebrows soap brows, monochrome makeup. True, all of the above can be worn together only on the podium. In everyday life, it is better to use these elements very selectively, adding them pointwise to your makeup.

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What kind of evening makeup is right for a date?

The one in which you are comfortable. I like monochrome makeup, when products of the same color or very close to each other are applied to the cheeks, lips and eyes.

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How to do evening makeup yourself?

The main thing in any make-up is to moisturize the skin well and then work out the tone. Choose light moisturizing cream textures that will not overlap your face. Believe me, the mask on the face looks worse than those imperfections that they tried to hide. The tonal product should ideally match the shade so that there are no boundaries.

Add a little blush and highlighter, and set the makeup in a translucent loose powder to last longer.

After the tone, be sure to shape the eyebrows: comb them, tint if necessary and fix with a transparent or colored gel.

The third important point is lips, or rather, their condition. They must be well hydrated. Make a light scrub if necessary.

Perhaps these are the three main elements of perfect makeup, and then you can add color to the eyes or lips, depending on the chosen style.

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How to make perfect arrows for the evening?

Apply the fixing base to the eyelids. Work well the space between the eyelashes with a dark pencil. Mark the arrow with a soft light pencil or shadow.

If you are new to this business, then do not extend the tip too far, it is better to make a thin, neat arrow.

Draw only with a convenient tool and be sure to find a hand rest - the movements should be clear and confident.

If you have a gel eyeliner, wipe the excess off the brush. If a pencil, then it must be perfectly sharpened. If a felt-tip pen, then check it for the saturation of the tip: if it dries up, then they will not draw a straight arrow.

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Choose arrows according to the shape of the eyes: everyone is almond-shaped, round - arrows that widen from the middle of the eye and go to the temple, wide-set - a wide and not too long arrow that starts from the inner corner of the eye, close-set - an arrow gradually expanding from the middle of the eye, small - an arrow from the inner corner and widening approximately from the middle of the eye, large - a thin classic arrow and an accentuated lower eyelid.

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How to turn daytime makeup into evening makeup if you are suddenly invited to a party or date?

The easiest option is bright lipstick.You can paint on the lips and lightly blend the border with your finger to get the effect of "kissed" lips.

And if the lipstick is natural red shades, then you can apply it a little on the cheeks to add blush.

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It all depends, of course, on the place where you were found. If you are at home, but there is no time at all, then paint over the lash line with black pencil and add some creamy shadows that are easy to apply with your finger. A couple of strokes with a highlighter brush, a nude glitter - and now you are almost ready!

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Can I do makeup with one tool? If so, how?

All, of course, is impossible. But you can, for example, bring your eyes and eyebrows with shadows alone. Or use a cream blush on the eyes, cheeks and lips - you get exactly the same monochrome makeup.

What are the versatile tools to carry in your purse so you can do your evening make-up?

Lip balm, red lipstick, mascara miniature, powder.

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What dark lipstick to choose for the evening?

It depends on the color type of the person, on his clothes, styling, jewelry and eye makeup. If the styling is soft, the eyes are not brightly painted and the jewelry does not pull the blanket over itself, then natural shades that are softly shaded are ideal: wine, burgundy, classic red.

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Is there a life hack to make the lipstick last all evening?

Prepare your lips well: make a scrub, moisturize. Then remove excess balm, and ideally apply a primer.

Then, in a thin layer, and preferably with a brush, apply lipstick and dab your lips with a napkin. Repeat this one more time and then lightly powder your lips through a thin tissue.

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