7 Beauty Secrets Of The Legendary Coco Chanel That Are Still Relevant Today

7 Beauty Secrets Of The Legendary Coco Chanel That Are Still Relevant Today
7 Beauty Secrets Of The Legendary Coco Chanel That Are Still Relevant Today

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Style, luxury, sophistication, taste, status: what other associations do we have when we hear the name of the unsurpassed and mysterious, legendary and beautiful Coco Chanel, née Gabrielle? The founder of the French fashion house Chanel, who gave us our beloved handbag on a chain (so you can see your hands!), Imitation pearls and the desire to dress haute couture, is known not only for its “luxurious simplicity” in style, but also for its distinctive natural beauty.

Gabrielle Chanel was a recognized beauty of her time and remains the standard of style for our contemporaries. “When a girl is 20, she has the beauty that nature has given her. At 30 - the one she made herself. And at 40 - which she deserved,”she was sure. From an early age, the girl strictly followed the rules of a healthy lifestyle and self-care: she drank a lot of water, walked in the fresh air, monitored food, and rode horses along with her gentlemen and admirers. What beauty secrets were in the arsenal of this legendary woman.

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For a fresh complexion, sparkle in her eyes and a flawless figure, she is largely grateful to the 5 main principles of beauty, the violation of which was a strict taboo for Coco Chanel.

Rule 1. Healthy sleep

Sleep is really the basis of everything, and if we are talking about beauty and health (after all, it is very difficult to blossom and shine outwardly without health), then it is the foundation of attractiveness. On this issue, Coco Chanel unconditionally agrees with Scarlett O'Hara: it is better to think about everything tomorrow, but go to bed in time. On time is until 23:00. It is from this hour that the fair sex is recommended to stay in the kingdom of Morpheus, since at this time melatonin is produced most actively, which means that the recovery processes in cells proceed naturally. Sleep disturbance leads to premature aging and the appearance of bruises and bags under the eyes so unloved by everyone.

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By the way, keep in mind that for the most noticeable effect, you need to sleep in absolute darkness, and also turn the gadgets upside down and in no case put them under the pillow. Unfortunately or fortunately, Coco did not have a smartphone, but she certainly would not neglect this recommendation. And, of course, do not forget to moisturize your skin before bed, especially in winter.

Rule 2. Regular sport

One of the most fashionable French fiction writers of the 1930s, Paul Moran, in his book Chanel's Charm, quotes an irresistible French woman: “I invented a tracksuit for myself. Not because other women played sports, but because I did it. I was the first to live the life of the century."

Yes, it is Gabrielle Chanel who can be considered the founder of the fashion for a slim and moderately sporty silhouette, which today, more than ever, is considered a physiological must-have of every beautiful woman. What did she do to achieve this goal? Chanel is known for her passion for equestrian sports. Arthur Capel (Boy), who was the main man of her life, had a significant impact on this commitment to Gabrielle. Arthur was a professional rider and loved to play polo. And Etienne Balsan and the Duke of Westminster, with whom she spent time, adored horses. In addition, Chanel was fond of alpine skiing and spent time in the notorious and now St. Moritz, so she later added ski clothes to her collection, and her hobby for yachting was reflected in the Chanel beach line.

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Rule 3. Rational nutrition

Continuing the theme of a graceful silhouette, on which both a little black dress and a cropped tweed jacket and a cruise collection fit perfectly, it is worth talking about the principles of nutrition of the legendary couturier. Chief among them: moderation. Gabrielle's portion has always been small, but enough to keep her energized for work and creativity. No sweet, fatty, and no matter how difficult it is to follow this rule for a secular lady, a complete rejection of alcohol. Chanel could afford a glass of wine, but no more.

She preferred foods and dishes as simple as possible and would certainly not approve of the stereotype that a woman's place is in the kitchen. The famous Frenchwoman preferred to spend the time that other ladies spent at the stove on beauty treatments that are known to bring more beauty benefits than extra calories.

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Rule 4. Treatments and masks made from natural ingredients

In the beauty trunk of Coco Chanel there were many recipes for face and body skin care from natural ingredients. Her favorite products for masks and cares are, as we say, according to “grandmother's recipes”: corn flour, olive oil, strawberries, yeast, sea salt. Gabrielle especially appreciated the cornmeal scrub. Chanel applied it during her morning shower, both on the face and on the body, massaging the skin vigorously for 8 minutes. In fact, the "queen of the fields", that is, corn, is still used in cosmetology today, since, according to the results of numerous studies, it slows down the aging process, tones and moisturizes the skin. And if you mix egg white and 20 g of cornmeal, you get a wonderful lifting face mask.

Rule 5. Inner harmony and love

In the endless list of eternal quotes by Coco Chanel, one statement occupies an important place: "When taking care of beauty, you must start with your heart and soul, otherwise no cosmetics will help." It was by this principle that Madame Gabrielle herself lived. She appreciated not only her neighbor, but also treated nature with trepidation, the world around us. About her generous heart in the book “Coco Chanel. The secret of success”wrote Nikolay Nadezhdin. Once in a cold late autumn, Gabrielle was walking in the park with her beloved Arthur Capel. Arthur saw a frog on the way and stepped over it with disgust. Koko sat down and gently took the animal in her palm. And then she took it to the pond and released the frog into the black autumn water. “It's freezing, poor one,” she said sadly. "An ugly creature," Arthur muttered. “Living things can't be ugly,” Koko replied, looking up at Capel. And he did not dare to argue with her. This is the inner harmony of a woman: to relate to the world with love.

All our internal contradictions, negativity are displayed on the face and body. Do yoga, meditation, try to spend time alone with yourself in order to understand the causes of internal conflicts, appreciate and love yourself, and then there will be shine in the eyes, and radiance of the skin, and motivation for new successes.

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Rule 6. Self-care

Chanel was sure: everything in a woman is beautiful, even her wrinkles, if she is beautiful from the inside. In addition, a woman must be well-groomed. Any woman can look great, no matter what kind of birth she was. Much depends on self-care. It is easy to be beautiful in youth - you can even do nothing for this, but the older we are, the more efforts have to be made. If at the age of 20 some cheap and most ordinary moisturizer is enough, then with age, cosmetics become more expensive. This is precisely due to the fact that the compositions are becoming more complex, our body, our skin needs more and more to maintain beauty and stay young.

Rule 7. Do everything for fun

Chanel urged to live and do everything only in pleasure and with pleasure.She always gave herself time to rest and at the same time was burning with her work, doing what she loved. When eyes shine, any woman looks beautiful. So it was with Coco Chanel. You need to not stand still, not be afraid, find something of your own and do this business. At the same time, work should not be violence against oneself, as well as free time from it.

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