Sobchak Worries That Bogomolov May Go To His Young Mistress

Sobchak Worries That Bogomolov May Go To His Young Mistress
Sobchak Worries That Bogomolov May Go To His Young Mistress

Video: Sobchak Worries That Bogomolov May Go To His Young Mistress

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The followers were surprised. Many of them believed that Ksenia was not afraid of anything and easily accepts her age.


Ksenia Sobchak often makes publications on Instagram with discussions on topical topics. The other day she raised a question that worries many women who have crossed the 40-year mark. The TV presenter wrote that she and her friends discussed why adults, successful and gray-haired men, divorcing, find young companions.

According to the observations of the lady, for a second marriage, representatives of the stronger sex choose girls much younger. As a rule, these are 20-year-old students. Ksyusha herself does not approve of such unions. In her opinion, the generational difference is too noticeable.

On the other hand, she is ready to believe that smooth skin and the smell of a young body can turn on much more than a companion, tested and sophisticated by experience. At the end of the tirade, the lady asked what is more important in the end. The TV presenter addressed him to men.

Ksenia noted that she is not just worried about this topic. She herself will soon be 39 years old.

Yesterday we had a long discussion with friends about why our gray-haired friends choose twenty-year-old girls for their "second marriage". As stated in Segal's film "What the fuck with you?" Different generations, different books and interests … But apparently good skin, smell and admiration in the eyes are still more important for the pleasure of life. Or not? What do you think, men? Or you can be friends with those "who are over 40", but it is still more pleasant to fuck the conventional Daria Konovalova? And then 39 soon, I'm starting to fucking get nervous !!! Wearing @ wos.brand

Oct 3, 2020 at 2:19 am PDT

In the comments under Sobchak's publication, a real controversy erupted. Most of all the fans were interested in whether Ksyusha was really worried about this. Until now, it seemed to many that the star found her happiness, but did not think about her appearance at all.

Everyone knows that a star easily reacts to jokes about her own beauty and retorts, which in her case is much more important than intelligence and charisma.

The star agreed with these arguments. She is sure that a woman can hold out on charm, energy and personal scale up to 70 years, but in any case, her neck will wrinkle, the smell will change, which means that a man can easily change her to a younger one.

She cited Daria Konovalova as a vivid example. The girl became the mistress of a wealthy man in the years when she was only 20 years old.

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