Police Plan To Open A Criminal Case Against Sobol

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Police Plan To Open A Criminal Case Against Sobol
Police Plan To Open A Criminal Case Against Sobol

Video: Police Plan To Open A Criminal Case Against Sobol

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Video: Уголовное дело против Любови Соболь. Первый комментарий после освобождения 2023, January

The police are going to initiate a criminal case against FBK lawyer Lyubov Sobol. This was announced by lawyer Vladimir Voronin. According to him, the employee of the fund is now being questioned as part of a pre-investigation check in a criminal case. Under what article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is unknown, Voronin specified.


“She is currently in the Novokosino police department. Now officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are interrogating Sobol in the framework of a certain criminal case. It is not yet clear what, in relation to whom, and so on. I have not been allowed to see her for an hour,”the lawyer said in an interview with TASS.

Later, information appeared on Twitter of the founder of FBK Alexei Navalny that employees of the Navalny Live YouTube channel were also detained at Novokosino.

“The employees of our YouTube channel, Akim Kerimov and Olga Klyuchnikova, were detained by the employees of the criminal investigation department at the Novokosino police station, where Lyubov Sobol is now. They want to "ask a couple of questions," the message says.

Earlier on December 21, police officers detained Lyubov Sobol in Moscow. She announced this on her Twitter and noted that she was detained at the house of FSB officer Konstantin Kudryavtsev, whom FBK founder Alexei Navalny considers one of the poisoners. She also stated that Kudryavtsev himself had called the police.

Law enforcement officers told Sobol that she "received a statement from the residents of apartment 38". The detention was also filmed by journalists who came to talk to Kudryavtsev, but no one opened the door for them. According to Sobol, after her arrest, she was taken to an unknown direction. She assumed that she would be taken to the nearest police station.]]>

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