They Beckon And Whisper! Celebrities With Incredibly Sensual Lips

They Beckon And Whisper! Celebrities With Incredibly Sensual Lips
They Beckon And Whisper! Celebrities With Incredibly Sensual Lips

Video: They Beckon And Whisper! Celebrities With Incredibly Sensual Lips

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Plump, sensual lips have always been considered very seductive. Well, with the advent of beauty injections, almost all the stars of show business decided to enlarge their lips, and after them, ordinary girls. Nevertheless, someone did not obey the fashion and left their relatives. So, who are they, the owners of the most luxurious lips in show business?


Irina Shayk's plump lips give the image a certain viciousness and attractiveness, even when the model just ran out to the supermarket for fresh fruit. Evil tongues insisted that luxurious lips are the result of multiple labors of a cosmetologist. However, it is not. It is enough to look at the pictures of Irina when she was in school to be sure: she has her own lips. In the small town of Yemanzhelinsk, where Shayk comes from, they did not hear about any hyaluronic acid then.

Angelina Jolie in her youth considered herself an ugly duckling in many respects because of excessively (in her opinion) large lips. This is exactly what is happening now with her eldest daughter Shiloh, who inherited her mother's sensual mouth. But no matter how much earlier Angie worried about her appearance, today she is the main sex symbol of the planet largely thanks to her lips.

Svetlana Loboda has been included in the top-ranking of the most desirable singers in our show business for several years in a row. Large, no, huge lips of Loboda have become a reason for jokes more than once, but Svetlana does not intend to stop. Despite the fact that the interventions of cosmetologists are obvious, the singer convinces everyone, even Ksenia Sobchak: I have everything mine!

Scarlett Johansson's bow sponges are considered her trademark. Largely thanks to them, the actress of short stature, with far from model parameters, has become the main sex symbol of Hollywood. And mind you, Scarlett has such lips by nature!

Victoria Boni's lip size changed: at least she came to Dom-2 with more modest wealth. So, without the help of injections, it was not done. Another thing is that it was with them that the secular lioness became the standard beauty of Instagram.

The main star of the 90s, Julia Roberts, became famous not only for her long legs, but also for her damn cute smile. The shape of her lips is far from canonical, but this personality gives Roberts an extraordinary charm. And here certainly not to undermine: your lips!

Daring Naomi Campbell seems as dangerous as a real panther. It is not for nothing that she is considered a femme fatale. Even today, the catwalk star retains the title of the owner of the most beautiful lips in the world!

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