8 Most Beautiful And Talented Daughters Of Star Mothers

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8 Most Beautiful And Talented Daughters Of Star Mothers
8 Most Beautiful And Talented Daughters Of Star Mothers

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Beautiful parents have beautiful children. And celebrities also have them constantly in sight, so we can observe them and compare them with stellar moms and dads.


We have selected 10 of the brightest, in our opinion, babies and adolescents, who, according to their external data, talents and charm, are in no way inferior to their parents.

1. Ever - the eldest daughter of Mila Jovovich

Mila Jovovich and her husband Paul Anderson have three daughters. The oldest of them, Ever, is remarkably similar to her mother. This similarity extends not only to appearance, but also to talents - at the age of 12, the girl starred in the action movie "Black Widow" and critics praised her acting skills very highly. Ever has appeared on the covers of fashion magazines more than once, both with her famous mother and herself.

2. Yana is the eldest daughter of Yulia Baranovskaya

The daughters of Yulia Baranovskaya and football player Andrei Arshavin are 12 years old. Mom is proud of Yana and considers her to be her mentor in some matters. Julia says that her daughter is incredibly persistent and always achieves her goal. In addition, Yana Arshavina is very talented - when she was only 3.5 years old, she began to study the basics of acting at the London Drama school. And also a talented girl was engaged in gymnastics, tennis, circus art and dancing in the famous studio of Alla Dukhova "Todes".

3. Maria and Vasilisa - daughters of rapper Bast

The family of the Russian rap star Vasily Vakulenko, known as Basta, has two wonderful daughters - Maria and Vasilisa. Despite a very busy work schedule, the musician finds time to spend with the girls. Basta's wife Elena Pinskaya claims that her husband is an ideal father who never gets angry, does not punish children and supports them in all creative endeavors.

4. Maroussia and Theona - daughters of Ksenia Borodina

11-year-old Marusya and 4-year-old Teona are not just the daughter of the famous TV presenter Ksenia Borodina, but they are real stars in themselves, however, while Instagram. Mom shares their photos and videos, and also willingly talks about the intricacies of upbringing. Borodina claims that she is a very strict, but at the same time fair mother. Girls grow up in harmony with themselves and the world around them, and they hardly know any taboos. For example, once Ksenia allowed her daughters to dye their hair bright red.

5. Olivia - daughter of Katie Topuria

Katie Topuria's five-year-old daughter Olivia is not only a beautiful, but also a gifted child. The singer says that the baby loves to pose for the camera, sing and dance. The girl wants to become the same famous performer as her mother, or, if it doesn't work out, then a popular actress or model.

6. Sophia and Sarah - daughters of Vera Brezhneva

The former soloist of the group "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhneva has two daughters - Sophia and Sarah. The eldest, Sophia, is already 19 years old and she is studying at Whittier College of the Humanities in California, USA. Sarah is only 10 years old, but she already runs her Instagram page on her own. In addition, a year ago, the girl appeared in an alternative version of her mother's video "I am not a saint", which was filmed against the background of ancient ruins in Greece.

7. Taisia ​​- daughter of Pelageya

The daughters of the singer Pelageya Taisia ​​are only three years old. At such a young age, it is too early to judge the talents of the child, but we can say for sure that little Taya is a real generator of positiveness. She just shines with happiness in all the videos and photos that her star mom shares with her followers on Instagram.

8. Anna is the daughter of Daria Moroz

The daughter of actress Daria Moroz and director Konstantin Bogomolov, Anna grows up as a real beauty and looks like not only her mother, but also her famous grandmother Marina Levtova. Everyone who knows the girl believes that the fate of a famous actress is in store for her, and not only thanks to family tradition and connections. Anya is beautiful as a mother and very artistic, and she also has a great sense of style.

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