The Secret Of Famous French Women: How They Manage To Age Beautifully

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The Secret Of Famous French Women: How They Manage To Age Beautifully
The Secret Of Famous French Women: How They Manage To Age Beautifully

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Vanessa Paradis, 46


“My main fear is the sun. Paparazzi often joke about my robes and huge hats, but I don't care! This is how I protect myself from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. In addition, I daily do myself lymphatic drainage and cupping massage, try to use less facial muscles, thereby avoiding wrinkles."

Vanessa's track record includes more than 20 roles, but she gained real popularity when she was married to Johnny Depp, they were together for 18 years and raised two common children. Now Paradis is married to director Samuel Benshetri, actively participates in social life, and has been filming for magazines and fashion campaigns.

Carla Bruni, 51

“I have a whole system of skin and body care. Before each meal, I drink a glass of parsley juice - it perfectly tones and evens out the skin of the face. Every day I eat a little butter and once a week I arrange fasting days. I don’t think that surgical intervention is necessary for me, I just manage with mesotherapy, the cosmetologist each time selects a different composition of cocktails for injections”.

The model and actress used to be one of the twenty highest paid models in the world, released two albums of her own songs, married Nicolas Sarkozy and became the first lady of France. Today Karla and her husband are raising their son Aurelien and daughter Julia and enjoy family happiness.

Sophie Marceau, 52

“Once I was lucky to ask my stylist's mom about her lifestyle, because she is 90 years old and looks gorgeous. Her rule: "Wash well and apply olive oil to the skin." It still helps me to avoid wrinkles. And a good body is the merit of my limitations: I do not eat meat, bananas, bread, fast food, pastries, sweets."

Sophie is the youngest winner of the "Cesar" award, success came to her at the age of 14 after starring in the films "Boom" and "Boom-2". In the frame, she is a sentimental and fragile girl, but in life Sophie is a woman with a steel character, tremendous willpower and a developed sense of justice.

Emmanuelle Bear, 55

“I certainly shouldn't be asking about secrets. I started doing plastic surgery at the age of 27 and by the time I was 40 I stopped looking like myself. Since then, all I do is try to return to my real self. No plastic surgeons, no beauty shots, no interventions. I don't know what can stop time, but definitely not a surgeon's knife."

Since his debut in the movie in the film "First Desires", Bear's popularity has not subsided at all. In 2003 she was invited to the cover of the French ELLE, the circulation was sold in a record two days.

Juliette Binoche, 55

“My children are my elixir of youth. When I spend time with Raphael and Hannah, I feel 20 years younger. Of course, in addition to this, I try to eat right and rarely wear makeup, a few drops of foundation and a little tint of my eyelashes are enough for me. When it comes to plastic surgery or beauty injections, I'm not an ardent fan of naturalness, I just don't see the point of using heavy artillery yet."

The Parisian won the Oscar-winning role of nurse Hannah in the film "The English Patient" from Demi Moore, and has often appeared in the frame ever since. Juliette is jealous of privacy, rarely gives interviews and is reluctant to pose on the red carpet.

Catherine Deneuve, 75

“The best thing I did for my skin was I quit smoking. Another rule of thumb is to always use the maximum sun protection factor. I do not want to reshape my face, so I will never resort to plastic surgery. Instead, I take a specially selected composition of vitamins and minerals, undergo a comprehensive examination of the skin and internal organs."

Katrin is a gorgeous actress with an active civic stance. She became a star after the famous musical "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg". Deneuve starred with the best directors in France and was the muse of Yves Saint Laurent. She is currently releasing solo albums, as well as producing documentaries and short films.

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