Stop Being Shy: 5 Physical Features That Turn Men On

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Stop Being Shy: 5 Physical Features That Turn Men On
Stop Being Shy: 5 Physical Features That Turn Men On

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Imagine a situation: Katya is sensitive to her appearance and considers her freckles to be ugly. On the eve of the procedure for their removal, she meets Sasha. They get married a year later. Two years later, Katya asks her husband what attracted him to her at the first meeting. “Your charming freckles,” the husband replies.


Then there are five more "flaws" that a woman should not worry about, because men are crazy about them.

Plump tummy

For men, the female tummy is a criterion for evaluating a partner's sexuality.

The girls bring themselves to exhaustion in the gym, observe the principles of proper nutrition, go for a vacuum massage, but their belly is not going to go away. This is due to female physiology: adipose tissue is necessary to maintain the ability to bear children. When a man looks at a woman's belly, he subconsciously perceives it as a womb.

Five to ten centimeters of fatty tissue on the abdomen is an indicator of the health and attractiveness of a girl as a mother of future children. Therefore, there is no sense in a flat stomach and cherished "cubes".

Small breasts

The stereotype that men like 4+ breasts is still alive. However, studies show that the shape of a woman's breasts is much more important for men than her size. The physiology of a woman is such that a modest breast retains its elasticity longer and does not tend to sag as much as a large one. Therefore, men choose "two" rather than "five".

According to other polls, a weighty bust is preferred by men with low incomes, and the rich are greedy for small and neat female forms. The same with appetite - well-fed men prefer small breasts, and hungry men prefer large ones.

Science is a useful thing, but it is important to consider tastes here: there is an amateur for every size. Men themselves believe that the best breasts are the breasts of a beloved woman.

An expressionless face without makeup

A typical scene from the movie: lovers wake up in the morning in each other's arms. A well-trained female eye will immediately notice that the girl is already on alert - makeup, styling, no stuck eyelashes and no pillow marks on her cheek.

In life, this trick does not work - we get up without makeup, with disheveled hair, nothing can be done about it. But you don't need to do anything: men are for naturalness. A girl who is asleep for them is a symbol of innocence, defenselessness and comfort.

Complexes due to facial features

Chubby cheeks, a crooked nose, moles, protruding ears, a "wrong" cut of the eyes, thin lips are the "bread" of plastic surgeons that girls turn to in pursuit of perfection.

Now let's remember Cindy Crawford with her birthmark, Sarah Jessica Parker with a "horse" face, big-mouthed Julia Roberts and lop-eared Sophie Marceau. These women managed to turn imperfection into their own feature, which delights and fascinates men. You can do that too.

In school, glasses owners are teased with “four-eyed” and “nerdy”, but in adulthood, this accessory adds mystery to the girl. Some men consider a woman with glasses fragile and defenseless, others - confident and independent. In any case, glasses are a way to "fire up" a man's imagination to the fullest.

It turns out that flaws and imperfections are the qualities that make us ourselves.

Therefore, it is time to stop following fashion trends and stereotypes, forget the suggestions from childhood, raise your head and become what nature created you. Men are crazy about confident women with healthy self-love.

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