Bondarchuk, Sviridova And 5 More Celebrities Who Do Not Hide That They Are Friends With Botox

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Bondarchuk, Sviridova And 5 More Celebrities Who Do Not Hide That They Are Friends With Botox
Bondarchuk, Sviridova And 5 More Celebrities Who Do Not Hide That They Are Friends With Botox

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While some celebrities claim that at any age they look fresh and young without outside interference, these stars do not hide the fact that they resort to the services of specialists and fight wrinkles with the help of beauty injections. They do it without fanaticism. look healthy and natural and oppose dramatic changes under the knife of plastic surgeons.


Svetlana Bondarchuk

Svetlana Bondarchuk recently spoke frankly about her beauty secrets and admitted that she injects Botox to make her face look fresher and more attractive. Also, once a week, Bondarchuk visits the spa, where she is given a sculpting massage (she considers it the most effective and safe procedure) and a facial massage.

Alena Sviridov

Alena Sviridova, at the age of 57, is one of the most attractive and spectacular stars of the Russian show business. And he does not hide that botox injections. “In my opinion, certain age-related problems can be removed only by Botox or its alternative - fillers. I have been using Botox for ten years now. Here, as in any business, the measure is important. I decided to entrust my skin to a French doctor who comes to Moscow every six months and receives his Moscow clients. I trust him and do not “cheat” with other cosmetologists,”the singer told“7 Days”.


Fans note that at 45, Natalie looks very young. On the air of the “Secret for a Million” show, the popular singer admitted that she often uses the services of a beautician: “Beauty injections, botox. Favorite Botox! He really got accustomed to me, went. Even the face was improved to some extent: the forehead, around the peephole is possible. I also made threads, I liked it, three times. Absorbable threads, the effect can be a year. Some innovations and inventions are just constantly appearing. All new. I trust my doctor."

Natasha Koroleva

“As my personal cosmetologist says,“we need to delay plastic surgery until 60 - 65 years old”. From a certain age, after 30, we must take care of ourselves. It's better if you set aside two hours a week for your face and please him. It will thank you. And find a permanent beautician. He will see age-related changes and give advice, - said the artist. - I had a crease between my eyebrows, very serious. And I put Botox in there. I was 33 years old. And now I'm 38, and, as you can see … I also do mesotherapy, although I hate it: these are injections, it hurts. But cutting is the last thing!”Natasha Koroleva frankly said in an interview with“Express Gazeta”.

Tatiana Vedeneeva

Tatyana Vedeneeva regrets that she did bleforaplasty, but she considers Botox injections a very useful procedure for women after a certain age: “I had some swelling under my eyes. I went and had a blepharoplasty. It was there, abroad, my friend advised me. They are not visible now, these cuts. But in fact, I then regretted it for a long time. I actually had a swelling under one eye, under the left. It turned out that it can be done somehow without cutting, but somehow it is now done through a puncture. And when you make an incision, it changes the structure of the eye. They have become somewhat more sunken. More botox, of course, but what about without botox. And I started doing them very late, very late."

Evelina Bledans

Evelina Bledans does not hide that she did breast augmentation and regularly gives Botox injections. “The fact is that I have an insanely mobile forehead, and already at the age of 15 mimic wrinkles were noticeable. Naturally, one day the moment came when I decided on this procedure. She was insanely worried, but, as it turned out, in vain. In the end, everything went quickly and painlessly.Since then, I have been giving injections about once a year and I’m afraid to overdo it all the time - it’s very important for me to keep my facial expressions,”the TV presenter said in an interview with“7 Days”.

Anna Bolshova

“It would be funny if I said no: I don't see anything wrong with that. I was lucky to find a cool master who pricks him so that it is completely invisible. After all, I have a very mobile forehead, eyebrows, and generally mimicry, I can’t do without these injections. But they are still not enough for a long time,”Anna Bolshova admitted.

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