So They Die ...: The Reality Of Kursk Medicine Was Filmed

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So They Die ...: The Reality Of Kursk Medicine Was Filmed
So They Die ...: The Reality Of Kursk Medicine Was Filmed

Video: So They Die ...: The Reality Of Kursk Medicine Was Filmed

Video: Kursk State Medical University | MBBS in Russia | Education Abroad 2022, November

A resident of Kursk in serious condition, who required urgent hospitalization, had six ambulances deliver oxygen to his home for more than ten hours due to the lack of places in hospitals.

Social activist Yevgeny Artemov noticed that an ambulance was driving up to his apartment building one after another. It started at 8 pm. At midnight the third car drove up. It turned out that all ambulances go to the same patient, who is in serious condition. Oxygen is delivered to him at home, since there is no room in the hospital. They are waiting to be free. The video captures a conversation with the driver. Here are excerpts from the conversation. It should be noted that the employee of the brigade did not suspect that he was being recorded, otherwise, probably, he would have held back the "painful". And in this situation, it is a pity not only for patients who cannot be sent to the hospital, but also for patients who may simply not have time to come. It is a pity for the ambulance workers themselves, who are trying to do everything in their power, but the only thing that they really cannot change is the medical system itself, in which, apparently, it is high time to change something.

- Give oxygen? There are no seats? (the public figure is interested)

- Yes. This is only the management says that we have 130 beds in each hospital. There are no places, and now, we are holding on oxygen, already the fifth cylinder.

- It would be easier to take the person to the hospital and go to the next one to help, right?

- Naturally, but we have a delay of 12 hours. It remains to be seen how long it is here. And how much more such "ambulances" cost. And those with kidneys or something else - will wait until the "second coming", while someone is free.

As it turns out in the course of the dialogue, the application for hospitalization has long been submitted, but they said to wait until a place becomes available. This was done by the first ambulance team. In the meantime, when the oxygen comes to an end, the ambulance brings a new one.

“Now, you think what place we are waiting for,” the driver said in his hearts. - Take out the patient, and the place will be free.

- And if they can't bear it, will you stand here for a day?

- Yes. This is the systematic destruction of the people. And everything goes from above. Go to any pharmacy, find at least one antibiotic. And how to treat? And those who are treated at home, how to treat? And without an antibiotic in any way. Why difficult patients are obtained - a mild condition would be treated on time, it would not be a serious one. Like in the spring - all were medicines, and there were fewer deaths. We have the last oxygen left. Either another ambulance will arrive, or oxygen will be delivered to us.

At 0:40 the fourth ambulance arrived to replace the third. At 4:15 am - the fifth.

According to the driver of the next brigade, who was no longer shy in expressions, it is not so important to solve the problems of the population as to create a bustle around them.

The sixth ambulance arrived at 6:20:

- So they die? (Evgeny asks the health worker)

- Yes … We support in every possible way …

The video ends with words of gratitude to the Kursk doctors: “Thanks to everyone who fought for the life of this patient and helped to hospitalize him! And to everyone who is fighting for life every day!"

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