10 Principles Of Anti-aging Makeup

10 Principles Of Anti-aging Makeup
10 Principles Of Anti-aging Makeup

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Contents Tip 1. Prepare your skin thoroughly Tip 2. Always use sponges Tip 3. Get a highlighter Tip 4. Minimize the use of powder Tip 5. Use blush Tip 6. Do not pinch your eyebrows too hard Tip 7. Throw away the black liner Tip 8. Do not use dark shadows Apply one coat Tip 9. Apply mascara Tip 10: Use light lipstick


Pigmented spots, pronounced wrinkles and grooves, an overhanging eyelid - not a reason to apply a huge layer of foundation on the skin and use aggressive shades of cosmetics in an attempt to translate your views on color. Errors in appearance and age-related changes cannot be corrected in this way, but to achieve the effect of a mask and elevate the image to the category of vulgar is quite.

If you have crossed the 40-year mark long ago, you should forget about too bright, pretentious shades. Your task is to disguise imperfections, to make the look restrained and elegant. This is facilitated by anti-aging makeup - the technique of playing shadow and light. MedAboutMe will tell you about its features, nuances of choosing cosmetics and their application!

Tip 1. Prepare your skin thoroughly

Proper preparation is the key to even, matte skin. If at the age of 20 you could calmly apply the tone only by washing your face with cool water, after 40 years this "trick" will not work. The uniformity of tone depends on how thoroughly the skin is cleaned and prepared.

Cleanse the skin daily with soft foams and gels with a lifting effect, additionally tone it with fortified toners and moisturize it with a cream based on hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, ubiquinone (coenzyme Q-10) or other components that can replenish the lack of moisture, thereby increasing elasticity and elasticity of the dermis.

FarmStay Anti-Aging Collagen Foam

- cleans from dirt and cosmetics;

- actively moisturizes and nourishes;

- restores moisture balance.

The approximate cost is 450 rubles.

Compliment Anti-Aging Facial Cleansing Gel

- gently cleanses the skin;

- brightens age spots;

- nourishes, softens, moisturizes.

The approximate cost is 100 rubles.

Moisturizing Cleansing Foam ECOLAB

- perfectly cleanses the skin from impurities;

- prevents dehydration;

- contains hyaluronic acid and herbal extracts.

The approximate cost is 250 rubles.

Tip 2. Always use sponges

The fingertips are not the best "tool" for applying foundation. First of all, it is difficult to evenly distribute the cream with your hands, and even more so to grab the minimum portion of the product. The result is an uneven tone, often a mask effect. If you are over 40, be sure to apply foundation only with a sponge, especially when it comes to thick foundation.

Remember that the sponge must be absolutely clean, because a humid environment is ideal for pathogenic bacteria, which, in turn, can provoke acne, pustular rash and dermatological diseases.

Expert Commentary: Tom Peshaux, Makeup Artist, Natural Beauty Aficionado

Before you start applying makeup, be sure to do a two-minute massage. It has a stimulating effect on blood circulation, thereby increasing skin elasticity and improving complexion. When applying foundation, do not smear it, but drive it in with a sponge. This method also guarantees a lifting effect.

For reference: Tom Pesho is the creator of the iconic lines of cosmetics for the famous brand Shiseido. His services are actively used by Madonna, Kate Moss, Romy Schneider. Often Tom acts as a makeup artist for the Victoria's Secret Angels.

Tip 3.Get a highlighter

An integral part of anti-aging makeup is a highlighter. It is better to use a palette, but if this is not possible, stock up on two shades - light and dark (for a couple of tones). Use a light highlighter to correct the area under the eyes (dark circles, traces of lack of sleep, swelling) by drawing triangles with the apex directed downwards - followed by shading, as well as the area above the upper lip. Use a dark highlighter to highlight the cheekbones, moving from the temporal zone to the corners of the mouth, and then blend the strokes with a medium density brush.


Bronzers are the insidious foes of anti-aging makeup. They give the skin an unnatural tone. If you use bronzer to correct age spots and other imperfections, try not to neglect the amount and shade. It should be only a tone darker than the skin. So, fair-skinned women should pay attention to peach and honey shades, dark-skinned women - to terracotta and amber, ladies with a medium tone - bronze with a pink tint. Owners of porcelain skin should refuse from bronzer, as it can provoke the effect of an “unwashed” face.

Tip 4: Minimize the use of powder

Without a doubt, powder is the most important tool for color correction, but in the case of aging skin, its use should be minimized. Avoid too dense powders, they quickly clog into wrinkles and grooves, thereby making them more pronounced. Give preference to loose powder and powder in balls. Apply it only with a fluffy brush.

Tip 5. Use blush

Blush should be in every woman's arsenal. They give the skin a fresh look, and with skillful use they can replace the corrector. For example, if you apply dark shades of blush to the cheekbones, the round face visually stretches, acquiring the shape of an oval, which, as you know, is considered the ideal of beauty among makeup artists.

Expert Commentary: Lisa Eldridge - Star Makeup Artist

Always choose a quality natural bristle brush for working with blush. To make the movement clear, hold the instrument at its very base. If you want to highlight specific areas on the face, use a little pressure on the brush. If you want to slightly smooth out the saturation of the hue, apply a layer of powder on top. Be sure to shake off excess blush before touching your face with a brush, of course, if you are working with blush on a dry basis.

For reference: Lisa Eldridge is currently one of the most popular makeup artists of Hollywood stars. Her services are used by Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Alexa Chung and others. Lisa willingly shares her makeup secrets with her fans on numerous pages of her own books and her personal YouTube channel.

Tip 6: Don't pinch your eyebrows too hard

Even if you have fluffy bangs, adjust your eyebrows regularly. Just do not wield the tweezers too hard, thin "strings", and even drawn with a black pencil, look stupid. Your eyebrows should look as natural as possible. If you find it difficult to maintain the optimal proportions, contact a specialist, he will select the ideal shape and make the eyebrows attractive.

Tip 7: Throw away the black outline pencil

If you're over 40, throw the black line pencil or liquid eyeliner out of your arsenal. From now on, it does not work in your favor - it emphasizes fatigue, signs of lack of sleep, red eyes, drooping eyelids and crow's feet. Stock up on a less intense shade like gray or brown (depending on eye color). Such shades will emphasize the expressiveness of the look, make it more open.

Expert commentary: Laura Mercier, celebrity make-up artist, creator of her own brand of decorative and care cosmetics

The problem of the impending century is familiar not only to women over 40.It will not be difficult to correct the error with the help of decorative cosmetics. Remember that with this structure, the pencil and shadows must be well shaded, clear lines are unacceptable. Use natural densely packed brushes and applicators for work. Draw the border between a moving and a fixed eyelid, thereby visually raising it. Just in no case do not bring the eyelid below, as a last resort - use shadows.

For reference: Laura Mercier is systematically working on the images of Madonna, Susan Saradon, Maggie Ryne, Julia Ormond and Brooke Shields. Popular brands of decorative cosmetics, including L'Oreal, also use Mercier's services. The make-up artist is an adherent of natural beauty, she does not tolerate too bright colors and glamor. She is for makeup techniques that only correct errors, and do not turn the face into a mask.

Tip 8. Don't use dark shadows

Dark blue, purple and black shades, alas, do not make you look young and expressive. On the contrary, such tones focus on the flaws in appearance - puffiness, blueness and bags under the eyes. In addition, dark shades visually make the eyes look smaller, especially if the eyeshadow is used in conjunction with a black pencil. Pay homage to less saturated shades - brown, gray, heavenly, and more.

Expert Commentary: Bobie Brown, Star Makeup Artist, Stylist

Use shades that are soft and discreet, perhaps with a light shimmer. Opt for a creamy eyeshadow. They do not roll, do not clog into folds and wrinkles. In addition, cream eyeshadows are more evenly distributed and are also renowned for long-lasting properties.

For reference: Boby Brown burst into the starry world quite by accident, namely after signing a contract with Glamor magazine. Soon celebrities began to resort to her services. Naomi Campbell has become a regular customer. Today Bobby is active in the cosmetics industry. Not so long ago, she released her collection of lipsticks and liquid eyeliners, which instantly attracted the interest of makeup artists from all over the world.

Tip 9. Apply one layer of mascara

"Spider" eyes and "fan" is not in fashion for a long time, they will not emphasize the beauty of the look of women after 40. Do not apply too much mascara on the eyelashes, just one layer is enough. It's time to use the curling mascara. Volumetric, with a lengthening effect, you don't need it. The listed options (especially in large numbers) will not make your appearance younger.

Tip 10. Use light lipstick

If you are well over forty, enrich your arsenal with lipstick in light colors. It visually enlarges the lips and gives them a unique volume. In addition, lighter shades offset wrinkles. The same cannot be said about the dark palette. With age, lips become significantly thinner, lose their shape, and dark and overly aggressive tones, for example, scarlet, make them even smaller.

It's also important to note the texture of the lipstick. Anti-aging makeup does not accept matte items, as they clog into cracks. Better to stay on a moisturizing lipstick with tone-on-tone eyeliner. Remember that a lip liner with a brighter shade than lipstick makes your lips look small and featureless.

Expert commentary Lucia Pica, star makeup artist, colorist

In no case do not use lipsticks of pale shades, especially in conjunction with mother-of-pearl. They were relevant in the 1990s, and today they are anti-trend. Pale lipsticks do more than just visually narrow lips. They make them look sickly and show off all the wrinkles.

For reference: Lucia Pica is a student of the famous celebrity makeup artist and stylist Charlotte Tilbury. Lucia has already managed to take the place of the international creative director of the famous Chanel brand. While working on the appearance of celebrities, Lucia almost always focuses on the lips. Her favorite shade is red. She calls him a symbol of beauty that is timeless.

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