Star "twins": Celebrities Similar To Each Other After Plastic Surgery

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Star "twins": Celebrities Similar To Each Other After Plastic Surgery
Star "twins": Celebrities Similar To Each Other After Plastic Surgery

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Not only we, mere mortals, want to somehow resemble our idols in appearance or behavior. It turns out that pop stars, other celebrities, also strive for perfection, and you can see that everything, like a carbon copy, becomes similar to each other. Thin nose, pumped-up lips, sunken cheeks and cheekbones. Someone does it well, someone does not, but there are definitely similarities.


The first in our ratings are friends Maria Pogrebnyak and Kristina Sysoeva. Often these two socialites spend time together. Maybe that's why they are becoming more and more alike. Christina increased her lips and made a plastic surgery of the lower part of her face, inserted fillers for the cheekbones. Maria, who is increasingly accused of making her appearance look like a doll's, enlarged her lips and removed Bisha's lumps, which made her face narrower.

Next come the domestic stylist and showman Sergei Zverev and the Ukrainian singer Iryna Bilyk. The woman claims that she never went to plastic surgeons and did not carry out any correction in her appearance. But experts still saw in the photo that it is likely that the singer did plastic surgery on her nose and upper lip. Sergei Zverev does not deny that he underwent many plastic surgeries, but most of it was associated with the restoration of his appearance after an accident that happened many years ago.

The next couple of celebrities are the domestic stage star Svetlana Loboda and the socialite and model Victoria Beckham. Loboda does not admit that she turned to plastic surgeons for help, but there are still hints that the singer still did rhinoplasty. Victoria admits that she corrected her appearance and regularly visits cosmetologists for mesotherapy procedures.

Another couple, but this time a sad one, as the result of the plastic surgery did not live up to expectations. Valery Leontiev and Mickey Rourke. Leontiev did many different procedures to rejuvenate his appearance, and in the end they led him to disappointing results. The face looks like it is artificial. The once popular actor Mickey Rourke tried to simply get rid of the scars left after the boxing past, but unfortunately, the appearance of the once handsome man has undergone global changes and not for the better.

And the singer, TV presenter, model, Olga Buzova and secular lioness Kim Kardashian conclude our rating. After the divorce, Olga took up her appearance and this can be seen with the naked eye. The nose and lips were exactly under the surgeon's knife. All these changes made her very similar to Kim Kardashian, who, by the way, also had rhinoplasty.

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