Alive Ken Rodrigo Alves Decided To Become A Barbie

Alive Ken Rodrigo Alves Decided To Become A Barbie
Alive Ken Rodrigo Alves Decided To Become A Barbie

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Famous for his puppet looks, Brazilian-British TV presenter Rodrigo Alves recently underwent another facial surgery in Belgium. As it turned out, the man seeks to change his appearance Ken to the prototype of Barbie, not only externally, but also by gender.

Facial feminization in Belgium by professional surgeons is far from the first facial surgery experienced by Rodrigo Alves. In addition, the TV presenter has been dressing and going public in female images for a long time. However, this is not enough for a man.

36-year-old Brazilian-British Ken works not only on the face, but also on the body. Recently, he made himself a breast of at least the fourth size and announced that he was going to change the sex to female.

Alves also told what exactly he experienced in one private clinic in Belgium. According to him, the doctor made an incision in the upper part of the scalp, as a result of which the shape of many parts of the face was changed, in particular the eyes and forehead. In addition, plastic surgeons tightened Alves' lips and the middle of the face.

According to Living Ken, the experiments will not end there: he plans to change sex and become a real woman.

- I am a woman, and I have always had a female brain. My name was Ken, but inside I always felt like a Barbie. Now my body matches my mind, - said Alves, quoted by StarHit.

The man himself also shared that in his student years, his parents tried to convince him with the help of therapy with a psychotherapist, but this did not bring any result. It was then that Alves decided to change his appearance with the help of surgery. Now Live Ken has about 70 surgeries.

The man stressed that he has a bachelor's degree in communications and public relations, he is very educated and speaks six languages. Despite all the difficulties of his path, Ken said that he felt good after the operations and was happy that he had achieved many successes, when many did not believe in him.

Earlier, Alves spoke about the creativity and appearance of the Russian singer Monetochka.

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