Beautician's Cosmetic Bag: 26 Best Holiday Remedies From Tatyana Timofeeva

Beautician's Cosmetic Bag: 26 Best Holiday Remedies From Tatyana Timofeeva
Beautician's Cosmetic Bag: 26 Best Holiday Remedies From Tatyana Timofeeva

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How to choose one fragrance out of three hundred, which shampoo to use so as not to irritate the scalp, which highlighter will create the effect of natural radiance and beautifully emphasize the tan? Tatiana Timofeeva, stylist and founder of the School of Shopping project, showed BeautyHack her vacation cosmetic bag and told about the main rules for choosing travel products.


The main rules of the summer make-up bag

The first thing I buy before vacation is sun protection. I don’t sunbathe in principle, but I use self-tanners at any time of the year. I tried everything on the beauty market! I'm snow white, and most auto bronzers give my skin a not-so-cute shade of yellow or orange. Fortunately, I found my own - it looks natural, does not dry, lies flat and comes off just as evenly - this is a mousse for self-tanning Bronzing Mousse, St Tropez.

Before going outside, I always apply a cream with SPF 50 protection on my face. It is very important to renew the cream every two hours - unfortunately, I did not find out about this right away, so I managed to get a couple of age spots and a sea of ​​freckles.

You can read other important facts about SPF here.

When I go to the beach, I only put on sunscreen - sunscreen oil spray for body and hair SPF30 Spray Solaire Huile, Clarins, ultraprotective moisturizer SPF30 Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturizer SPF30 Hydrating, Ultraceuticals and ultra-light moisturizing sunscreen SPF15, Biotherm.

I don’t use decorative cosmetics - I give my skin a rest.

What products must be in a summer cosmetic bag, and which ones should not be in it

In the summer, you definitely don't need dense tonal foundations. I use Erborian CC cream - it is really invisible on the face and perfectly adjusts to my tone.

For photo shoots or for evening make-up, I use Ultra HD, Make Up For Ever. I spread it in a thin layer on the face with a damp sponge or brush.

In the summer, I always have a few highlighters in my makeup bag. This season, I had a highlighter madness and 8 boxes and tubes with shiny contents appeared in my cosmetic bag. I apply it on the face, shoulders and legs: shine - so shine!

But my favorites right now are the Spotlight strobing palette, Smashbox, and the glow-effect perfector powder, Becca.

There are no dark and bright shadows in my makeup bag. I am a fan of natural makeup, beige palettes are my everything!

I don’t remember the last time I bought lipsticks and gloss with a varnish finish. But the collection of matte lipsticks is starting to go beyond reason! The most favorite products are from the brands Revlon and Kylie Cosmetics. I buy them in the USA when I travel.

Means that I take with me on vacation

For a short trip, a minimal set of decorative cosmetics is enough for me: a light foundation, blush (I prefer Becca waterproof tints for lips and cheeks and Lancôme cushion blush), eyebrow gel or pencil, highlighter, bronzer (now I use The Bronzer Dolce & Gabbana bronzing powder), lip gloss and mascara.

I choose waterproof mascara at any time of the year. I have tried, it seems, a million products from different brands, and settled on a very durable and budget Cabaret Waterproof, Vivienne Sabo.

I change my cosmetics once every six months or a year. Now I use cosmeceuticals of the Ultraceuticals brand - I really like their masks, serums and creams. But the main thing in care is that it is individually selected by a professional cosmetologist.

I've been using La Mer products for the past year, and The Tonic is still part of my beauty routine.

This cosmetics perfectly "made friends" with my skin, I will definitely return it to the shelf in the bathroom after a while.

I do not part with the Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore, Caolin cleansing mask and carry several packs of hydrogel masks with me.

I am happy to try new brands. After getting to know the Mahash brand, I make sure that the Smooth Vitamin Sugar Scrub never runs out.I also liked the Smooth Exfoliating Hand and Body Wash with Lava and the Smooth Tropical Moisture Treatment.

Vacation hair care

I often hear stories about irritated scalp at sea and sun, and I myself faced this problem. Use sulfate- and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners to avoid trouble. As soon as I switched to these products, my hair and scalp said “thank you very much”! At the moment, I prefer the Kevin Murphy brand - I like everything from shampoos to masks and hair oils (the latter alternates with IAU Essence Sleek, Lebel hair essence).

Favorite evening makeup on vacation

Ultra-moisturizing cream Ultra Moisturiser Cream, Ultraceuticals

Foundation Ultra HD, Make Up For Ever

Concealer All Hours Concealer, Yves Saint Laurent

Facial Sculptor Contour Kit, Smashbox

Palette eyeshadow Pallete Naked Ultimate Basics, Urban Decay

Palette of shadows for eyebrows Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo, Dolce & Gabbana

Mascara Cabaret Waterproof, Vivienne Sabo

Strobe palette Spotlight, Smashbox

Blush for face Mineralize Blush, Bubbles Please, M.A.C

Matte lip balm Colorbrust Matte Balm, Revlon

The scents that I associate with vacation

I used to collect perfumes (I have collected more than 300 fragrances!). But the perfume craze had to be stopped - an allergy appeared.

Therefore, now I am very meticulous in choosing fragrances, most often I use Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Velvet Rose & Oud, Jo Malone colognes.

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