When Do Men Go To Plastic Surgeons And Cosmetologists? Here Are 10 Reasons And Procedures

When Do Men Go To Plastic Surgeons And Cosmetologists? Here Are 10 Reasons And Procedures
When Do Men Go To Plastic Surgeons And Cosmetologists? Here Are 10 Reasons And Procedures

Video: When Do Men Go To Plastic Surgeons And Cosmetologists? Here Are 10 Reasons And Procedures

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Doctors without gender bias told Sobaka.ru which operations and beauty procedures are especially indicated for male patients. How to use aesthetic medicine to improve complexion, get rid of hernial bags under the eyes and cope with excessive sweating?


1. Rinoseptoplasty

To: owners of injured noses Why: start breathing normally and correct the shape Alternatives: fillers (only for aesthetic problems)

The reason for consulting a plastic surgeon may be not only the desire to get the ideal shape of the nose (for me, please, like Kassel!). The consequences of injuries are often eliminated, because a deformed nose is a weak point in the body and the cause of serious breathing problems, including chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and sleep apnea. Correction of the nasal septum, that is, septoplasty, is a complex intervention. Look for a competent plastic surgeon: he will help your nose find a second wind and will not forget about aesthetics.

Lyubov Safonova

plastic surgeon of the Galaktika Beauty Institute

Plastic surgery is often as necessary as dental treatment! We deal with health, hygiene and cleanliness issues. We strive not to embellish, but to create harmony between the external sensation of a man and the internal one. Nose surgery, if indicated, visibly heals. And when a man feels healthy, he has the corresponding vitality.

2. Blepharoplasty

To: men with heavy eyes Why: raise drooping eyelids and remove hernial sacs Alternatives: CO2 laser resurfacing

If you are thinking about anti-aging intervention, but are unlikely to decide on a facelift, then blepharoplasty becomes the operation of choice. The workload on the area around the eyes, studying even multi-page audits, even the Instagram feed, is colossal. And by the age of 35, the so-called decompensation occurs: the body is not able to restore the accumulated tissue damage on its own. Therefore, the centuries require "repair" in the operating room, which usually takes less than 30 minutes. Eliminating hernial bags under the eyes or the overhanging fold of the upper eyelid, which literally falls on the eyelashes with age, will not make you 10 years younger, but it will allow you to get a permanently sleepy look. Choose a reliable surgeon - he knows how not to overdo it with skin resection, and will not turn Ken into a living with almond-shaped eyes. 3. Liposuction

To: Former athletes who have put on weight Why: Get rid of fat traps, improve body contour Alternatives: Intensive training (spoiler alert: Not always helpful!)

Liposuction is one of the three most popular operations among men in St. Petersburg. And a typical patient is a former athlete or gym fan who quit classes and built up the so-called belt, that is, fat deposits on the sides and lower abdomen. During vacuum or ultrasonic liposuction, 3 to 12 liters of fat can be pumped out. But if you suffer from visceral obesity or are a carrier of a "beer belly", then the way out of this situation may be different - plastic surgery of the anterior abdominal wall with suturing of the aponeurosis to reduce the volume of the abdomen.

Alexander Shumilo

plastic surgeon of the clinic of the highest category "GrandMed"

It is convenient to combine liposuction with lipofilling - after special treatment, the fat pumped out of unnecessary places is added to the buttocks, cheekbones and any other deficient areas. Although, as you understand, this trend has not particularly taken root among men.One of the possible options for working with your own fat cells is the formation of pseudocubes on the stomach. But imitation of pumped up muscles, implants for shoulders and breasts, which foreign surgeons talk about, are still exotic, which St. Petersburg patients do not like.

4. Mastectomy

To: owners of "feminine" breasts Why: get rid of excess fat or mammary gland Alternatives: none

Male breasts resembling female ones are a serious indication for plastic surgery. Before putting the patient on the operating table, the surgeon will definitely ask for the opinion of the oncologist-mammologist. You need to make sure that the breast enlargement is benign, because a man may also have breast cancer. Gynecomastia can be false - when the patient simply has excess fat. In this case, classical liposuction will help. And sometimes it is true - when it comes to excess glandular tissue due to problems with the endocrine system. Then, through a small incision under the areola, the mammary gland will be removed completely. 5. Chin surgery

To: those who are worried about an expressionless profile Why: harmonize the face Alternatives: hyaluronic acid, lipofilling

To make a spectacular and strong-willed out of a sloping and tiny chin is more than real. Mentoplasty (chin plastic) with surgical implants come to the rescue. They can be installed both on the corners of the lower jaw to achieve a brutal square shape, and on the chin protrusion itself. Rehabilitation after such an intervention is many times easier than after osteotomy of the jaw, because nothing is broken in the operating room. The main edema disappears in a couple of weeks, and you can return to courses in Skolkovo in a week.

Alexey Gavrilchenko

plastic surgeon at DEGA Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Sometimes the installation of chin implants becomes an alternative to rhinoplasty. A man comes for a consultation with complexes about his nose, and we explain that, in fact, everything is in order with the nose. Dissatisfaction with him is an optical illusion arising from the lack of chin projection. If the lower third of the face is corrected with the help of an implant, the face will acquire a harmonious appearance, and there will be no need to reshape the nose.

6. Ultrasonic lifting (SMAS-lifting)

To: fighters for a clear face oval Why: correct age-related changes Alternatives: thread lifting, surgeon lift

Such lifting is a hit of hardware cosmetology among men. Because it meets three main criteria: the procedure gives a result immediately, is done rarely (once every 1-2 years) and leaves no traces behind. During SMAS-tightening by a beautician, ultrasound penetrates deep into the tissues of the face, without damaging the skin, but "stitching" the muscle frame. What to expect from the procedure? The skin becomes firmer and more elastic, and the contour of the face oval becomes more defined. At the same time, the appearance will not radically change, of course. So before the procedure, you should ask yourself: am I Clint Eastwood or is it Mickey Rourke?

Lifting encyclopedia: which facelift methods are recommended by the doctors themselves?

7. Phototherapy

To: Patients with vascular mesh and age spots Why: Improve complexion Alternatives: Concealer (why not?)

During phototherapy, the vasculature is “erased” from your face, which gives the skin a reddish and unkempt appearance. Single capillaries, for example near the nose, can be dealt with in one go. If the doctor deals with an impressive network, more painstaking work and several visits to the beautician will be required. The list of indications for phototherapy is not limited to the vessels on the face - the devices help to fight age spots, post-acne marks and, in general, belong to the group of anti-aging procedures.During the procedure, you are put on trendy dark glasses like in the "Matrix" of the Wachowski sisters - to protect your eyes from light impulses, and it usually lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. 8. Botulinum toxin

To: men with wrinkles and no prejudice Why: remove excessive wrinkling Alternatives: hyaluronic acid (not always)

Cosmetologists are actively fighting the phobia of Botox and explain that a shiny and perfectly flat forehead after the procedure is not at all necessary. It is possible to soften wrinkles so that the forehead does not gather in an accordion at the panel sessions of SPIEF-2019, and to preserve the facial features of the face. The result of the work depends on the dosage of the injected drug. On the one hand, men require more units of botulinum toxin than women, due to the stronger muscle frame. On the other hand, the dosage will be adjusted so as not to completely immobilize the muscles and make the face look like a mask. 9. Treatment of hyperhidrosis

To: Nervous in meetings Why: Relieve sweating problems Alternatives: Antiperspirant

Thanks to botulinum toxin, you can not only relax the muscles on the face, but also forget about the problem of wet shirts. Doctors have been treating hyperhidrosis, that is, increased sweating, with Botox for almost 20 years. One visit to the doctor, and after a week you do not sweat, and if you do sweat, it is imperceptible to others (and even to yourself). This is because botulinum toxin blocks nerve fibers that conduct impulses to the sweat glands. Their work can be suspended for a period of 8 to 12 months, after which a patient who has forgotten about antiperspirants requires an immediate repetition of the procedure.

Veronica State

cosmetologist of the clinic of the highest category "GrandMed"

When I give my patients the correction of facial wrinkles with botulinum toxin, I always ask the question if they have problems with increased sweating. After all, most do not know that it is very easy to get rid of the peculiarities of the body that have tormented for years. Recently, a patient came to me who complained about the problem of wet palms. We worked on the right hand with Botox: in order to reduce the cost of the procedure, he decided to save only the hand he greets from sweating.

10. Preparations with hyaluronic acid

To: people with dehydrated skin and wrinkles Why: moisturize the face and fill in the wrinkles. Alternatives: lipofilling

With hyaluronic acid fillers, facial tissues can be lifted, asymmetries can be corrected and wrinkles such as nasolabial folds can be filled. Forget the images of victims of the beauty industry: if the doctor works competently and according to indications, the effect of a quilt on your face will not threaten you. And to get deep skin hydration, you can resort to biorevitalization with preparations based on hyaluronic acid. True, not everyone is ready to come to Zenit's match with papules after injections, or to catch interested glances at Cork. Alternatively, long-acting drugs can be used. One procedure gives an effect for 6-9 months, and thanks to the injection technique, it does not leave papules behind.

Oksana Shatrova

beautician at the DEGA Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Gender accents in contour plastics are, of course, present: for women we strive to create softer facial features, for men - clearer ones. The most common requests are to make the face more brutal, including by correcting the angles of the lower jaw. And with the help of fillers, you can remove the effect of a tired look by introducing them into the cheek-zygomatic zone, or correct the lack of volume in the cheek area in asthenic men.

Men's skin is thicker and rougher than women's skin (all due to androgen hormones), but it needs care just as well. By the way, many respected brands of skin care cosmetics do not even practice the separation of products by gender. But this is not a reason to use a friend's cream. collage: Alexey Dmitriev photo: archives of press services

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