The Secret Of Eternal Youth: Celebrities Who Don't Age

The Secret Of Eternal Youth: Celebrities Who Don't Age
The Secret Of Eternal Youth: Celebrities Who Don't Age

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Video: 6 Celebrities Who Don't Age (React) 2023, January

Demmy Moor


The actress is so fit and good that it is impossible to give her 50 years. The star was never interested in diets, because men have always been in the first place for her. Recently, Demi broke up with her lover Ashton Kutcher, but she did not give up, but directed all her efforts to improve her own appearance.

Kim Cattrall

The famous actress is a shining example of how you need to look after fifty. A gorgeous woman never allows herself to relax. She is engaged in yoga and Pilates, so it cannot be said that she got the ideal forms easily. The actress admits that she has a brutal appetite, so she has to adhere to strict diets.

Monica Bellucci

The woman managed to conquer the hearts of a million men with her beauty. She is the face of many advertising campaigns despite her age. The actress maintains her beauty in all available ways. She goes to beauty salons and plays sports. In the diet of a celebrity, there are only healthy foods that make it possible to maintain a figure.

Jane Fonda

Nobody dares to call this actress a grandmother. The beauty leads an active lifestyle, doing aerobics. She is the author of many books dedicated to people who want to maintain a beautiful figure until old age. Three years ago, the actress managed to defeat cancer, so she began to appreciate life even more. After being discharged from the hospital, she resumed her aerobics classes.

Sofia Vergara

It's hard to believe that the sexy model is 40 years old. Any twenty-year-old girl will envy her figure. The beauty is not only attractive, but also cheerful. She says that she owes everything to her appearance, which opened the door to the world of show business for her. The model jokes that when her sexuality disappears altogether, she will reduce her breasts so that nothing interferes in old age.

Ekaterina Andreeva

This TV presenter has been telling the news from the screen for 18 years, but her appearance has not changed at all. The woman claims that the secret of beauty and youth is a full eight-hour sleep. Also, the TV presenter adheres to the rules of a healthy diet, refusing harmful products.

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