Cosmetic Bag Stars: Favorite Means Of Actress Alena Chekhova

Cosmetic Bag Stars: Favorite Means Of Actress Alena Chekhova
Cosmetic Bag Stars: Favorite Means Of Actress Alena Chekhova

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Today, June 21, the film "We will not say goodbye" was released on Russian cinema screens, in which Alena Chekhovs played one of the key roles. In honor of this, the 30-year-old actress told us all the secrets of her youth and beauty, and also named the means that will always find a place in her cosmetic bag.

About must haves in a cosmetic bag

In ordinary life, I do not put on makeup at all, because nature has awarded me with bright facial features. But like any girl, I have secrets that emphasize my naturalness: for this I just need to even out the tone of my face, highlight the eyelashes and style my wide and very naughty eyebrows.

I think Oxygenetix is ​​the best foundation, which is also skin care (I use the lightest tone). This unique product literally helps your skin breathe. The composition and properties of this product allow not only to create great makeup, but also to accelerate tissue regeneration, and also help the skin to produce collagen. I got acquainted with this remedy in Los Angeles, but I do not part with it in Russia either.

Another must have tool for me is Be Long Mascara 01 by CLARINS. Its thin brush carefully paints every lash - you don't even need to comb or curl them. The look becomes more expressive.

And one more thing: I can't live without Double Fix 'Mascara (also CLARINS), which fixes my thick (as I often joke, "Brezhnev") eyebrows.

In the cosmetic bag:

Oxygenetix foundation

Mascara Be Long Mascara 01, CLARINS

Mascara for eyebrows Double Fix 'Mascara, CLARINS

About favorite care

My favorite care products are, first of all, Kenzoki creams, which magically fascinate me with their scent and give me silk-like skin. For the face, I really love Belle De Jour Fluide Fantastique and LA Prairie - Ice Crystal Serum Cellulaire Susse, which moisturizes the skin at very deep levels. For hands I also prefer Kenzoki - Baum's A Mains Sensuelles - because this cream makes the hands velvety.

The most problematic area for me is my hair: it often gets tangled and broken. I use different products for my hair, but I never part with Lebel sleek oil - it perfectly nourishes the hair without weighing it down. One of my favorite products is NOUNOU Intensive Repair Mask, designed for dry or chemically damaged hair after highlighting, bleaching, permanent curling or straightening. It contains tomato extract from the Fiaschetto variety from Torre Guaceto. The formula, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, has powerful nourishing and antioxidant properties thanks to vitamin C. The extract obtained from tomato pulp has high nutritional properties.

In the cosmetic bag:

Kenzoki cream

Kenzoki cream

Ice Crystal Serum, LA Prairie

Hair oil, Lebel

Revitalizing mask, NOUNOU

About favorite beauty treatments

Once every two months I visit a beautician or spa to make alginate face masks. I usually prefer different brands of algae masks or the Academie line. At home, I often use Korean cloth masks (for example, Argan and Shea Butter from Nature Republic).

One of my latest beauty discoveries was the Rejuvapen procedure, which is actively used in the United States to combat acne, pigmentation, deep clogging of pores, and also stimulates skin renewal and collagen production (this procedure is allowed to be carried out from the age of 18). A couple of years ago I was faced with deep clogging of pores and a rash on the skin, no cleansing and peeling (and I use them especially carefully, since I have very thin and fair skin) could not help me. An American doctor advised to try this procedure, which consists in the fact that a special apparatus with microneedles is applied across the face. They damage the skin, making micro tears, which heal by themselves after the procedure, thereby renewing and leveling the surface layers.For people with thin skin, like mine, I advise you to do it on a very weak mode, but two procedures with an interval of two to three months should eliminate your problem.

For the body, I prefer algal wraps, which, in my opinion (enriching our body, including with iodine), are an indispensable assistant in the fight against the urgent problem of many residents of large cities - with an enlargement of the thyroid gland.

I am a supporter of natural beauty and non-interference in appearance, therefore all my beauty secrets start and stimulate our body to work independently.

Sheet mask Shea Butter, Nature Republic

Alginate face mask

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