The Beauties Who Tied The Football Players

The Beauties Who Tied The Football Players
The Beauties Who Tied The Football Players

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When an important match is taking place on the football field, fans closely follow every movement of the players. Nothing can distract their attention from the game, except, perhaps, one - the wives of the players.

1. Elena Gomez, girlfriend of Spanish footballer Javier Garcia. It's hard to imagine, but at the time of meeting with Javier, this beauty was working in a shoe store.

2. Antonella Roccuzzo, wife of Lionel Messi since 2017. The Argentinean worked as a dentist, then switched to the field of communications, and in 2016 she signed a contract with a modeling agency.

3. Polly Parson, wife of the Belgian Thomas Vermaelen, who plays for Barcelona. The girl works in television and has a popular Instagram account.

4. Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. Georgina has been dating Ronaldo since 2016, and last year gave birth to a daughter to the footballer.

5. Erin O'Neill, friend of the Italian footballer, Milan striker and midfielder Fabio Borini. Erin dreamed of becoming a model from the age of 12, but first she graduated from college, and only then began acting.

6. Shakira, singer, wife of Gerard Pique, a Spanish footballer who plays for Barcelona. Shakira is the most successful celebrity in Colombia, she is included in the list of the most influential women in show business.

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